10 Reasons Why You Really Need Event Fence Rentals in Boston

10-reasons-bostonIf you are putting on any kind of special event, chances are you are going to need event fencing in some capacity. Temporary chain link fence is used at just about every outdoor event. While some events are hosting inside of a permanently gated area, temp fence will still likely be needed for other purposes to increase security. It can increase safety for everyone involved, including attendees and can sometimes even be required by insurance agents when insuring large public events.

Music Concerts
Event fencing is an absolute must for music concerts. Even free, open air concerts will need some sort of crowd control and barrier set up to provide musical guests with privacy and security from unwanted fan access. Event fence rentals in Boston can provide you with a wide variety of temporary chain link fence options, including barrier fencing, ground-installed fencing and no-dig temp fence, depending on your situation and needs.

Fairs or Carnivals
Huge crowds will usually descend upon fairs or carnivals, whether they are small local gatherings or large state-wide or county events. Temp fence is used here to keep non-paying customers outside of the event and to provide protection to guests from rides or other features that could be dangerous without defining some set barriers. In areas where there are animals on display or in a petting zoo, temporary chain link fence can help keep animals safe from escape and allow children and other guests to come in to see them in an orderly fashion. Event fencing is also used to define lines as guests wait to get in to see shows or ride rides during the fair.

Sporting Events
If you have ever gone to a sporting event you know that event fencing is relied upon heavily to prevent unauthorized access to the event facility, keep attendees in approved areas and to protect athletes from over-eager fans. Temporary chain link fence can also be used to surround a paid parking area or to protect the vehicles of athletes and their families from fan access. Temp fence is also used to define waiting lines as fans enter the facility.

Another type of event fencing that is often used for parades is barrier fencing. Shorter than the typical temporary chain link fence, you can also get barrier fencing via event fence rentals in Boston. This type of temp fence is used to keep crowds away from the parade for safety reasons or to prevent cars from driving on streets designated as part of the parade route.

Private Events
If you are hosting a private event, such as a wedding, a party or a private concert, temporary chain link fence can also be very beneficial. It can be used to set up a basic perimeter around the facility and can also be used to set up restricted parking areas or secure areas for your guests. Event fencing can also be used to set up separate areas for caterers, bands, DJs and other entertainment providers, giving them the space and security they need to protect their equipment and other items necessary to provide their services.

Multiple Events
Event fence rentals in Boston can also be used to keep separate events that are running simultaneously at the same location. This can be especially important if some of the events are private, by ticket only or need to be monitored for restricted access. Not only will this protect the event-holder and attendees from unauthorized access, but it can also help to ensure that the space rented is reserved for your special event and that it isn’t encroached upon by another group.

In some cases you might not think you need event fencing, but the security company that you hire to provide security for the event thinks that you do. They will sometimes provide temporary chain link fence themselves or hire a company like Valtran to provide temp fence for them.

Age-Restricted Access
If the event that you are holding is for adults only, aged 18 and older, such as a comedy event where adult language and discussion might be used, temporary chain link fence can be a huge asset. Making sure that children do not get into the event area would be very important. On the other hand, if you are hosting an event that is just for children and their families and you want to restrict outside access to non-family members, temp fence can be the best way to accomplish that.

Premium Access
Another use for event fencing is to separate premium access guests from the general admittance crowds. Setting up a VIP area is easy with temporary chain link fence and it can help you to boost revenues by creating a separate area with certain perks and benefits. Premium access can be used for concerts, fairs, carnivals, sporting events and other special outdoor events.

Charity Events
Large scale charity events, such a marathons, walks for a cause, theme runs and other fun fundraisers can also benefit from event fence rentals in Boston. Providing protected areas for participants to stow their belongings during the event, protected areas for the event to take place and protected areas for attendees who want to watch the activity. Barrier temp fence and other types of temporary chain link fence can be used in this capacity.

Where to Get Event Fence Rentals in Boston
If you need temporary chain link fence for your next event, contact Valtran. With several locations throughout the North East, Valtran serves customers all over the Greater Boston area. In fact, Valtran also provides services to clients throughout New England, including all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York.