10 Reasons You Should Rent an Office Trailer in New Bedford

10-reasons-new-bedfordBusinesses that are looking for a portable office building or some other type of temporary office solution, should definitely consider the rental of portable office trailers. When you rent an office trailer in New Bedford, you open your business up to a whole host of benefits and advantages over other temporary options. Today we are going to talk about the top ten reasons why businesses should look into renting, leasing or purchasing mobile office containers.

#1 – Flexible Rental Options
Unlike the requirements that surrounding a contract to rent an office space in a building, mini-mall or other type of business structure, when you rent an office trailer in New Bedford, your options are much more flexible. Not only will you not be required to sign a long-term rental contact with Valtran, but you also have the ability to move and re-locate our portable office building rentals throughout the term of your contract so you can determine the best location for your office.

#2 – Affordable Opportunities
Renting portable office trailers is also much more affordable than renting or leasing a permanent or semi-permanent office space. With options available for single or double-sized office containers, business owners and managers can reduce costs by only getting the size they need to effectively set up shop. Rentals are even more affordable than purchasing a portable office building, especially if the space will only be needed on a temporary or otherwise limited basis.

#3 – Portable Office Trailers Your Way
Speak with your Valtran customer service agent when you rent an office trailer in New Bedford about options available to extend your rental to a lease or to purchase one of our portable office trailers for longer use. Many of our customers recognize the value in using mobile office containers, and in doing so, decide to purchase a portable office building for continued use. We can help you rent, lease or purchase the space that you need to effectively run your business.

#4 – No Hassle Delivery and Setup
When you rent a portable office building from Valtran, you can rest easy knowing that our team of skilled delivery agents will bring one of our portable office trailers to your job site or place of business and will set it up for you according to your specifications. All you need is a flat, smooth, stable surface for the trailer to be placed, such as a concrete, asphalt, blacktop or dirt area.

#5 – Insurance Options Available
Speak with your insurance agent to find out if your portable office building is covered under your commercial business policy. In many cases it will be, but there are options available to help extend your insurance options to include portable office trailers if it isn’t automatically.

#6 – Truly Custom Features
Speak with your Valtra customer service agent about all of the options available to customize your portable office building. When you rent an office trailer in New Bedford, you have the option to include functional add-ons that will help make your transition to a portable office building even easier. Workstations, divided work areas, shelving and other helpful features can be included according to your specifications.

#7 – Cost-Savings from Day One
Whether you have one of our office containers delivered and setup on a construction job site or as an extension of your exisiting office near your home office, you will start saving money by using our portable office trailers from day one. These savings come from reduced costs normally associated with adding office space or having the convenience of placing a portable office building directly at the job site. Money is saved by reduced fuel costs that would be spent going back and forth from the home office to the job site. Money is saved on expensive off-site storage or office space that is required only for a short period of time.

#8 – Comfortable Office Space
A quality portable office trailer will provide you, your clients, your vendors and your employees with a comfortable place to do business. In the winter, heating can be added to our office containers to provide a warm place to take a break in during construction. In the summer, air conditioning can be added to ensure that your clients or vendors won’t melt while visiting your portable office building to discuss business.

#9 – Increased Productivity
You could easily invite your clients to meet with you outdoors at the job site or have them come to your main office for meetings throughout the duration of the project. However, productivity is increased when you use portable office trailers for your business because it keeps you on-site, allows you to supervise the project as it progresses and helps you to bring clients and vendors in to see what you are doing.

#10 – Easy Pickup and Removal
When you no longer need to rent an office trailer in New Bedford, just call Valtran and we will schedule a pickup of our portable office trailers. We take care of it all for you, from the moment you place your order to rent a portable office building until the day you call to have it picked up and removed from your job site. We make it easy for you every step of the way.

Call Valtran today to find out more about what you need to do to rent an office trailer in New Bedford. Whether you are in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, New Jersey or New York, Valtran delivers portable office trailers, temporary fencing and mobile storage containers to clients all throughout the northeastern region. Our customer service team can help you find the best solution for your specific needs with all of the custom options and opportunities that you require.