5 Reasons to Rent a Fence for Construction Sites in Wareham

construction-sites-warehamIf you are new to the construction industry or, up until now, have worked on an independent contractor or sub-contractor basis, you might not be familiar with all the reasons why it is so important to have construction fencing on every job site. In Wareham, temporary fence can help to protect your site, keep undesirables off the property and keep your equipment, materials and tools safe. This article will go over the top five reasons why you should rent a fence to protect your construction job site and how you can use construction fencing to your advantage.

#1 – Safety
The number one reason why you should use barricade fencing at your construction site is to protect your employees and visitors to the job site. Reducing the amount of risk posed to your crew, management staff, accounting personnel, vendors, contractors or anyone else that is on site should be a top priority. Not only will this reduce your liability and cut down on the amount of accidents that could take place, but it will protect people from wandering into areas that might not be safe to enter without the proper precautions. You don’t want to have to spend time worrying about whether or not someone is going to get hurt. Construction job sites aren’t always the safest place to be, so it is in your best interest to rent a fence and protect yourself.

#2 – Security
It is also important to protect and secure your job site to prevent issues regarding theft, vandalism or other types of damage. On your project in Wareham a temporary fence can help to keep unauthorized persons from entering the property after work hours and can deter vandals from defacing your equipment or messing with the project in development. The amount of security you will need in this regard will of course depend on the type of job you are doing, where it is located and the amount of equipment that you have on site. Barricade fencing can prevent people from driving onto the premises and getting into your valuable materials and supplies required to complete the job. Construction fencing serves as a simple deterrent that has been proven to reduce crime considerably.

#3 – Notices
You have probably seen barricade fencing that has signs and other information hung on it for visitors and passersby to see. Construction fencing is a great blank canvas for you to hang signs. Signs that warn trespassers not to come on site, signs that warn criminals that violators will be prosecuted and signs that warn visitors that the job site is a hard hat area. You can also use your rent a fence to post important environmental notices, post credits to certain vendors or sub-contractors that you are using on the job and even post paid advertisements.

#4 – Requirements
Using construction fencing can also be required by the state or area that you are working in for health and safety. Make sure to read all of the Wareham temporary fence requirements and take time to study all of the health and safety laws for the State of Massachusetts. If you work outside of your home state, make sure to learn the regulations and requirements for other states, as many states have different codes. Take care to check out the fine print to make sure you don’t miss a thing. In most cases, just the act of renting construction fencing and having it properly installed is enough to meet the requirements, but in some areas, there’s a lot more to it. Barricade fencing can help to reduce the chances of injury and liability, so even if it isn’t required you should still rent a fence to protect your company’s interests.

#5 – Budget
Renting construction fencing can help you to provide both safety and security in one fell swoop at a very affordable, cost-effective rate. There are different sizes, styles and options available for Wareham temporary fence depending on your needs and the requirements of your job site. No-dig Temp Fence is also available if you need to rent a fence but can’t install it directly into the ground. Valtran doesn’t require a long-term rental contract, leaving you free to have the fencing removed as soon as you are done, reducing your overall costs.

Where to Get Construction Fencing in Wareham
Valtran is the number one supplier of construction fencing in Southeastern Massachusetts. Our headquarters is in New Bedford, however we deliver and install rent a fence solutions all throughout the North East. Our customer service agents can help you figure out how much barricade fencing you’ll need and what type would be best for your situation. Call Valtran today and get a free quote on construction fencing for your next job. Ask our agents about our other offerings for construction businesses, such as portable office trailers and container storage units.