7 Different Ways to Use a Portable Office in Fall River, MA

7-ways-officesDid you know that there are many different types of commercial and industrial businesses that rely on a office trailer rental to properly run their operations? While most people will associate the use of a portable office in Fall River with construction sites, real estate rental offices and other popular uses, the truth is that there are hundreds of different business types that use a portable office for rent for thousands of different reasons.

You might not have ever thought about using an office trailer rental, but the truth is that they are one of the best tools available to business owners who are actively looking to increase the reach, scope and size of their business. This is especially true in companies that sell to customers in remote locations, frequently make off-site sales or that need to use a portable office for rent as a means of increasing business opportunities beyond the size and space of their current location.

This article will focus on seven different ways that lots of companies right here in Southeastern Massachusetts are using an office trailer rental to advance their business. Check out the examples and see if any of them apply to the type of work that you do. Renting a portable office in Fall River could be just the thing you need to expand your reach and boost your bottom line in a tough and competitive local market.

#1 – Administrative Office Space
Some companies need additional space for administrative workers to provide room for financial, record-keeping and other types of book-keeping services. Adding a portable hiring office on site for a new or expanding company can help keep potential workers separate from your current employees, allowing you to hire replacements, additional staff or seasonal workers without becoming a workplace distraction. Office space for payable and receivable book-keepers can also be moved to a portable office for rent if you need more space inside your brick-and-mortar offices for product showcasing or to stock fast-moving merchandise. Keeping payroll, accounting and administrative departments separate from sales or labor workers can also have other advantages.

#2 – On-Site Daycare Services
One of the biggest trends right now in workplace benefits is to provide workers with on-site daycare services. Companies that don’t have room to set up a daycare service can use an office trailer rental to set up a play area for employee children apart from the actual business itself. This opportunity can lend itself to a whole lot of other beneficial options, such as surrounding the portable office in Fall River with temporary fencing, adding a playground area for outdoor playtime and to provide other entertaining, educational and safety services. As long as a flat and level surface is provided, a portable office for rent from Valtran can be set up anywhere, including cement, asphalt, compacted dirt or even grass.

#3 – Security Service Center
One of the more common uses of an office trailer rental is as a security command center for security guards and other on-site workers that actively protect your business, your property and your employees. It can be used as:

  • a portable hiring office for interviews and background checks
  • a place to store and charge security staff radios and flashlights
  • a break-room for security officers
  • a secure spot to store employee purses, backpacks and other items in lockers
  • a room to bring shoplifters or other offenders until police can arrive
  • monitoring area for video security surveillance services

#4 – Healthcare Services
Another service that some businesses are offering is on-site healthcare for employees. While this is more suited to a large business than a small shop, there are also specific industries where this type of an office trailer rental use would be more beneficial. Industries such as construction, maintenance services, real estate property management, research laboratories or any other type of work where employee injuries are common. A portable office in Fall River can also be used to provide additional office space for the healthcare industry, such as hospitals, clinics, doctors offices and other services that are growing, expanding and in need of more room for administrative or other types of office workers.

#5 – Emergency or Disaster Services
When faced with an emergency situation or in the recovery process from a natural disaster, a portable office for rent can be a real asset. Serving as a temporary location for emergency preparedness, a portable hiring office for emergency crews and workers, as well as a main office for managers and supervisors throughout the rebuilding, recovery or salvage. A portable office for rent is a great way to bring all of the meeting space, office space and tools that you need on-site for easy access. Computers, phones and other necessary items can be powered by a generator or hooked up to a power line to help workers and other employees gain access to the information and support they need without having to drive off-site to get them.

#6 – Transportation Services
Another use that we see often with an office trailer rental is for transportation industries and services. One example would be as a scale house on a roadside weigh station to help enforce highway regulations for big rig trucks. The portable office for rent can be used as an office for employees, a place to store forms and paperwork, as well as a place to store computers, telephones, radios and other essential gear. Using a portable office in Fall River or anywhere else in the New England area for this purpose makes it easy to quickly set up a point of service on a temporary or semi-permanent basis without having to build a more permanent solution.

#7 – Educational Campuses
One popular use for a portable office for rent is on school campuses. Grade schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, trade schools and other educational centers will frequently use an office trailer rental to provide additional space as-needed for their growing campuses. As more students join the school or program, sometimes extra space is needed beyond the school’s capacity to build more rooms or add more facilities. Getting a portable office in Fall River to use as a library, break room, cafeteria, office, classroom, lab room, or even as a storage area for books, supplies and other resources, can really help a school get the space they need immediately at a price that they can better afford.

Where to Rent, Lease or Buy a Portable Office in Fall River
Valtran has been providing the rental, lease and sales of new and used temporary portable offices for over a decade. From a basic portable hiring office to a more complex type of office space and storage combination unit, Valtran has a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles of office trailer rental units available for our customers to choose from. Contact our friendly and helpful customer service agents to learn more about how to get a portable office for rent, lease or purchase right here in Fall River or anywhere in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey or New York.