7 Reasons to Get Construction Rent a Fence in Boston

rent-a-fence-bostonManaging a major construction site in the City of Boston is much different than supervising a small residential project in the suburbs. There are certain things that you must do to secure your job site in the big city that you don’t have to worry about in the towns or rural areas.

The State of Massachusetts has certain laws and regulations regarding the requirements of construction fencing based upon the zone or area where you are working. It is up to you, as a business owner or contractor, to know those laws and acquire temporary fence rental and other security measures accordingly.

This article will focus on the seven reasons why you should want to get a rent a fence in Boston, regardless of what the law requires…

#1 – To Protect the Public
If someone gets injured on your construction site, you could be held liable. That also includes unauthorized persons who wander onto your property uninvited and become injured. It is in your best interest to use construction fencing to improve security on the job site to prevent potential insurance risks and other incidents before they occur.

#2 – To Protect Your Property
Most construction companies and contractors leave valuable equipment and tools at the job site throughout the duration of the project. When you rent a fence in Boston to mark off the perimeter of your project, you are not only protecting people from getting hurt when they enter your property, but you are also protecting your things from getting stolen or damaged. Even if you have a 24-hour security service on-site, construction fencing can help to increase security and prevent individuals from entering the job site from alternative entrances.

#3 – To Protect Your Materials
In addition to equipment and tools, most construction sites also have materials delivered on a regular basis throughout the building or renovation process. Wood, pipe, metal, appliances, windows, doors and other costly items should be stored inside of a portable storage container, but even so, using a construction fence rental company to block off the perimeter can help prevent your materials from getting stolen during the night.

#4 – To Improve Appearances
All of the equipment and work going on at your construction site cannot be helped, but in many cases neighbors, neighboring businesses and other community members will complain about having to see the job site while the work is in progress. Temporary fence rental can be a great way to block the view of the job site from passersby and to also reduce the ability of “prying eyes” from looking at all of the equipment and materials, which could be a temptation to thieves.

#5 – Renting is Cheaper Than Buying
Each job site is different and, depending on the type of work you are doing, you might need a different type of rent a fence in Boston at a residential location than you would at an industrial location. There is no one-type-fits-all solution for construction fencing, so in many cases it is easier and more cost-effective to just use a construction fence rental company, have them deliver the fence panels to the job site and install it around the perimeter of the project.

#6 – Construction Fence Rental is Easy
When you rent construction fencing from a company like Valtran, all you need to do is contact our customer service staff or place an order online and we will deliver all of the fencing that you need directly to your job site. We will work with you to determine the type, height and length of temporary fence rental that you will need and our team of experienced installers will deliver it and install it, according to your specifications. When you no longer need the construction fencing, just contact our office and we will pick it up right away.

#7 – Temporary Fence Rental is Flexible
In addition to being a great solution for construction fencing, our temporary fence solutions can also be used for residential projects, commercial events, concerts, community activities and a host of other situations. Just contact Valtran to rent a fence in Boston for your next project, event or activity and we will work with you to find the best temporary fence rental for your needs.

Where to Rent a Fence in Boston?
If you are looking for a quality, reliable construction fence rental service in the Boston area, you can count on Valtran to deliver all of the construction fencing or temporary fence rental solutions where and when you need them. In addition to serving customers in Massachusetts, we also provide delivery and set-up services for clients throughout the northeastern region, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Call Valtran today for more information on our construction fencing rentals and other professional rental opportunities.