7 Reasons to Use Rhode Island Fence Rentals for Construction

rhode-island-fence-rentalsIf you have ever passed a construction site before, chances are you immediately noticed the high quality security fencing that was used to protect the job site. Construction job site fencing is the one thing that every single project has in common, regardless of what is being built, torn down, remodeled or renovated. Construction fence in Providence is no different, with many companies choosing to use a variety of different Rhode Island fence rentals even on the same project.

In the State of Rhode Island, as well as in every other state across the country, there are laws regarding the use of fencing for construction. While height requirements and installation methods will vary depending on the type of construction and specific regulations governing local areas and communities, the bottom line is that construction fence in Providence and everywhere else in the state and this nation is required by law. If you aren’t sure what type of construction job site fencing is required for your particular situation, contact your local authorities, building inspector or speak with one of Valtran’s experienced customer service agents to get more information.

#2 – IT’S EASY
When you call a company like Valtran to serve your needs for construction job site fencing, you won’t have to do a thing. Just call and get a FREE estimate based upon the type of fencing you will need, the approximate length of time that you will need it and how much fencing you will require. Our team of professional installers will come out to your job site and install the fencing for you, whether you choose in-ground installation of semi-permanent fencing for construction, barricade fencing for parking areas and entrances or Temp Fence products for specific areas within the job site. When you are finished using construction fence in Providence, just give us a call. Our team will come and remove the Rhode Island fence rentals according to your schedule so you can release the job site back to the client.

Investing in the purchase of fencing for construction might sound like it would bring a good return on your investment, but the truth is that it could ultimately end up costing you more. Many companies prefer to rent construction job site fencing because of the no-hassle delivery and set-up, but there are other reasons as well. Finding a place to store yards and yards of length of construction fence in Providence when it is not in-use can cost a lot in warehouse space or in self-storage facility rental or storage container rental fees. Having to get your crew to pick up, handle, deliver and install temporary fencing can take an entire day, causing you to lose a day that could have been spent getting started on the work at hand.

Well it is when you work with Valtran! We don’t require any long-term commitments or contracts for our construction job site fencing rentals. So if your job is only going to last for several days or weeks, it’s no problem. On the other end of the spectrum, if you need to use your Rhode Island fence rentals for a period of months of over a year, it’s no problem either. Just call us when you want it delivered and call again when you want it picked up. We can even remove the fencing from one job site and then install it again on another site or move it to another location within the same job site for you. Totally flexible and hands-free.

#5 – IT’S SAFE
Our professional team of experienced construction job site fencing installers will deliver and install your temporary construction in Providence according to your specifications, while adhering to state and federal laws, as well as local regulations and ordinances. This works to protect not just you, your job site, your crew and your belongings, but it also works to protect you from liabilities that could stem from not properly securing the perimeter of your construction site as dictated by the law. Our team can help you choose the right materials for the job according to the work that will be done, ensuring that you are always protecting yourself accordingly. From Temp Fence to installed in-ground fencing units, we make sure that the fencing is strong, durable and steady to prevent accidents and protect against other common safety issues.

Security is a huge deal on any construction site, whether you are in Providence, Boston, New York or Portland. You need to protect your job site from vandalism, theft and from kids coming onto the property to mess around with the equipment or do daredevil stunts. Hiring a security team is an important part of running a secure construction site, but fencing for construction is essential. Not just because it is required by law, but because it is your best first defense against all of these common problems associated with the construction industry. Multiple layers of fencing are also sometimes used in conjunction with locked on-site construction storage for very valuable items and a posted 24/7 guard to prevent unauthorized access within the job site perimeter.

Fencing for construction is also just a smart way of doing business. It can help you with controlling the handling and use of materials, tools, equipment or anything else that you use on the project. Key control is an important part of ensuring that unauthorized crew members don’t have direct access to these things, but using Rhode Island fence rentals to create a perimeter around your equipment and machinery, while providing a gated area around storage containers and places that lumber, pipe and other materials are stored is also a great way to prevent loss during the project. Remember, you aren’t just protecting your site against outsiders, but against crew members, sub-contractors, vendors and other persons that will visit the job site over a period of time. Strategic use of construction fence in Providence can help create an extra layer of protection.

From basic chain link fencing for construction to barrier style fencing for parking areas and prevention of unauthorized access, there are a lot of options available in construction job site fencing today. Valtran provides delivery and set up services of quality construction job site fencing throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York, so wherever you need to have our temporary fencing solutions placed, we can deliver! Call Valtran for a FREE estimate and make an appointment for delivery and installation of construction job site fencing.