Best to Buy or Rent Construction Job Site Storage in Boston?

buy-rent-in-bostonWhen it comes to using container storage for construction, you have two options. Either to rent mobile construction storage or to purchase a unit for long-term or extended use. Rentals can range between days, weeks and months, while a purchase could be a good investment if you think your construction company or service might be able to continue using mini storage construction containers on multiple job sites.

Why Mobile Construction Storage?
There are many advantages to choosing to have a storage container on-site at your job sites. Being able to store your materials and equipment is a huge advantage, allowing you to get work done faster without having to send an employee back to the company warehouse for more supplies or to wait on a vendor for delivery. Most construction sites use temporary fencing to secure the area, so using a portable mini storage for construction can be a great way to protect specific items within that boundary.

Materials, such as wood, hardware, metal, pipe and specific parts, such as custom windows, doors, lighting and appliances, can all be safely stored at your construction job site storage in Boston if you use one of these container storage solutions. While the temporary fence will keep most people out and 24-hour security will ensure it, mobile construction storage also works to protect your materials and other items from exposure to the elements. Keep these items free from the dirt, dust and debris that often occurs on the job site by protecting them in a mini storage construction container.

Should I Buy or Rent?
Now this is a much bigger question and each construction business would have a different answer depending on the type of work they do, the frequency that they would use a container storage for construction and how much materials and supplies they need to protect on a regular basis.

  • Temporary Storage Rentals – You should rent container storage for construction if you will only be using the storage on a temporary, short-term basis or for just one job. Other things to consider are the ability to transport and move the container for construction job site storage in Boston and a place to store the container between projects. Speak with a customer service agent at Valtran to find out more details about what is required to move and relocate one of these storage containers and the exact measurements so you can figure out if you have space at your main office or warehouse for storage of the storage container.
  • Purchasing Mini Storage for Construction – You should consider purchasing a container to use for mobile construction storage only if you have a way of transporting it from site to site and if you have a place to store it at your facility. There is no need in purchasing your own container storage for construction if you have nowhere to keep it. Finances will also be an issue, as it can be quite the investment to purchase a storage container outright. Another thing to consider is how often you would be using the container storage. If you will use it to store tools and equipment, moving it conveniently from job site to job site, then it could be a huge advantage. If you want to offer it as an additional service to clients for storage of their belongings or to keep the job site clean and neat, that might be another incentive.

Where to Get Containers for Construction Job Site Storage in Boston
If you work in the Boston or Greater Boston area, consider Valtran for all of your container storage needs. We have a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles available for our construction clients, including ground level and dock level mobile construction storage.

With sizes ranging from 10 to 53 feet in length and shapes ranging from rectangle to cube storage options, there are many choices for you to review as you make your decision. The best way to figure out what you need is to think about what you want to store, where you want to store it, how long you will need to store it and whether mini storage for construction is something you will need in the short-term or long-term future.

Call Valtran to find out more about all of our construction offerings, including temporary office trailers and temporary construction fencing. We have locations all throughout the North East, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Call us today for a free quote or to find out about mobile construction storage containers available for sale.