Boston Barricade Fence Rentals for Effective Crowd Control

boston-barricade-fenceOne of the most effective means of crowd control is to use barricade fencing. It is frequently used at big events where a large amount of people are present. Events such as parades, marathons, festivals, carnivals, trade shows, concerts and seasonal gatherings all rely heavily on Boston barricade fence to keep everything under control.

Most cities have a limited supply of fencing, so municipalities, organizers, security officers, law enforcement and any others who are involved in setting up the event or handling security for it will frequently use temporary fence rental services. Rental fencing is a great way to create an instant barricade or structural guideline to help people move safely throughout the event without coming in direct contact with vehicles or accidentally going into dangerous areas.

It is easy to rent a fence in Boston, as one of the largest suppliers in the New England area provides services to the city. Valtran, which has a solid reputation for quality temporary fence rental delivery and set up, has a wide variety of chain link fence panels, barricade fence, Temp Fence and semi-permanent fencing when required for extra security. No matter what your fencing needs, Valtran can deliver.

How is Barricade Rental Fencing Used?
Commonly used to separate parade routes from onlookers or pedestrians from cars in busy parking lots or roadways, Boston barricade fence is quite the fixture throughout the city. While temporary fence rental comes in many different shapes, types and sizes, businesses, services, municipalities, security companies and event planners who require barricade rental fencing look specifically for a no-dig type solution. This is usually because barricade fencing is placed in streets, on sidewalks, in parking lots – areas where cement, pavement or asphalt are common. More permanent solutions for rent a fence in Boston would require post holes to be dug for proper installation.

Rental fencing can be used to create waiting lines for rides at carnivals, block off unauthorized persons from entering an employee only area, prevent non-ticketed individuals from entering a ticketed event and to provide a safe barricade from machinery, traffic or other potential hazards. While not as high as typical security fencing, Boston barricade fence provides its own type of security in preventing pedestrians, event attendees, workers and law enforcement from becoming injured by increased levels of traffic during the event.

When is Rental Fencing Used in Boston?
Because Boston is one of the largest, most well-known cities in the New England area, there are many different public events held here each year. From the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade to the famous Boston Marathon, people all across the country and all around the world come here each year to participate in these events. Rental fencing is used to provide safety and security, while working to aid law enforcement and security patrols in keeping attendees safe from accidents and incidents.

The heavy-duty steel construction of the rent a fence in Boston from Valtran makes it a great solution for barricade fence and security fence at events year round. It can stand up to the extreme weather conditions of the northeast, including winds, rain storms, winter snows and other weather events. Valtran provides temporary fence rental for short and long term events, with no minimum rental contract, but the freedom to continue using the rental fencing for a period of days, weeks, months or longer, depending on your needs.

Advantages of Using Rent a Fence in Boston
Event planners and production companies prefer to use rental fencing because it is cost-effective and easy to use. When you get a temporary fence rental from Valtran, our team of experienced installers will deliver it to your event site and set it up according to your specifications. When the event is over, our team will return and remove the fencing for you. There’s no need to hire a team of installers or have to pay your own crew overtime to remove the Boston barricade fence once the event is done.

Some of the other benefits associated with using rental fencing include:

  • Temp Fence is designed for quick install and removal.
  • Available in multiple heights according to your needs.
  • Fencing can be easily re-located as-needed throughout the event.
  • Strong, sturdy design won’t sag or fall over during the event.
  • Professional quality fencing – looks and works great for any occasion.
  • No-dig option available for installation on cement, asphalt or pavement.
  • Gates can be added anywhere along the fence line for easy access.
  • Provides maximum crowd control and safety.
  • Can be used to surround a building, ticket booth or other secure area.

Where to Get a Temporary Fence Rental in New England
Valtran has a very wide delivery and service range which includes Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Call our helpful customer service agents at 1-800-813-2188 to find out more about all of the types of temporary fence rental options available or ask about getting a FREE estimate. We can set up a delivery date for you over the phone and make sure that you have all of the Boston barricade fence that you need for your next big event.