Business Relocation Using Office Containers in Fall River

office-containersSome businesses stay at one location for decades, but others may have to move to a larger location as their business grows or downsize to a smaller flat to reduce overhead. Regardless of the reason why your business needs to make such a move, moving and storage containers can help. When you use a portable storage container in Fall River to make your company move, you give yourself the freedom to make the move on your terms. There’s no rushing around to get everything loaded and unloaded in a single day to reduce downtime. With storage containers for rent you can take your time and move on your terms.

Portable Storage: The Basics
When you use office containers in Fall River to make your move, it is a completely different experience from making a traditional move. The first major difference that you will notice is that you don’t have to rent a moving truck. Moving trucks, especially for an office where there is a lot of furniture, display cases, racks, computers, workstations and maybe even merchandise or products if you are in retail, can be quite expensive. Depending on the amount of things that you need to move, you may need to get an extra large truck in order to get it all there in one trip.

Driving and paying for gas in a large moving truck can be overwhelming. The costs and time required in order to pull off a traditional move like this can easily break your budget. If your goal is to downsize to save money or if you are on a tight budget because you are in the middle of growing your business, chances are you don’t have a lot of extra cash to spare. Using office containers in Fall River can help you to set your budget ahead of time, give you as much time as you require to make your move and set you up with storage containers for rent if you need to keep some things in storage after the move.

Moving and Storage Containers: How Does It Work?
Once you have decided to use a portable storage container in Fall River to make your move, give Valtran a call. Our customer service agents can give you a FREE estimate on how much it will cost to get storage containers for rent and what you can expect during delivery, set up and transportation of your things. All we require is a flat, level space to set up your office containers in Fall River. This can be asphalt, concrete or even compacted dirt. If you have access to a loading dock at your place of business, you can even rent one of our dock height moving and storage containers for easier loading and unloading.

Once we deliver the container storage unit, all you have to do is start packing. You can start moving in a few things at a time prior to your move out date and then move everything else in on the day of the move. This allows you to keep everything in full operation while you pack and get everything loaded, reducing the amount of business that you could lose if you had to shut down for a week to break everything down and move the traditional way. Move over extra office supplies, excess furniture, seasonal displays and decorations – things that you don’t use every day and pack those up into the storage container first. Then you can slowly break things down and load them up prior to your move day. The essential things, such as phones, computers, workstations, cash registers and showroom stock or products, can be loaded up on the final day.

When you are ready for our team to come back and move your portable storage container in Fall River to your new location, just give us a call. We can schedule a pick up that works around your schedule so you can make the move as quickly and easily as possible. We will set up your storage containers for rent at the new business location so you can start unloading and get your new office space set up. Once you have everything unloaded again, just give us a call and we will remove the container. If you want to keep the storage unit or have a smaller unit delivered to remain on site while you get adjusted to the new space, just let us know. Valtran has a wide variety of sizes and types of moving and storage containers for you to choose from that will suit your needs.

Call Valtran to Get Storage Containers for Rent
With over a decade of experience serving the needs of our clients right here in the New England area, Valtran can deliver and set up the portable storage container in Fall River that best suits your requirements. We have different styles of moving and storage containers for you to choose from depending on where and how you will be using the space. Valtran also has different sizes for you to choose from depending on how much furniture and things you need to move. We can also set you up with a long-term rental or lease for semi-permanent or permanent on-site storage.

We currently offer commercial storage solutions for rent or sale in the following sizes:

  • 10, 20 and 40 foot long standard, long ground level storage containers
  • 20 and 40 foot long high cube ground level storage containers
  • 28, 38 and 53 foot long trailer dock height storage containers

Contact our customer service agents today to schedule delivery of one of our office containers in Fall River for your next move. We also provide delivery and set up services throughout the northeastern region, including all of Massachusetts and Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey and New York.