Why Your Business Needs Commercial Storage in New Bedford

When most people think about using a storage container rental or some type of self-storage, they usually think about it holding personal belongings, such as furniture, seasonal decorations and other things that most homes don’t have room to store. However, commercial business owners use shipping container storage even more often than residential users and for […] Read more »

Modifying Container Storage for Construction in Fall River

One of the benefits of purchasing portable storage containers instead of renting is having the ability to modify your container storage to suit your needs. This can be particularly helpful in the construction field, where construction storage solutions will be even more advantageous if they are designed to fit your particular requirements. While there are […] Read more »

Using Cargo Containers as Fall River Storage for Construction

If you own a construction based business or work as a contractor in residential or commercial construction, you are probably well aware of the importance of needing construction job site storage to protect your tools, equipment and materials. One of the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective options that will provide heavy-duty protection for these valuable […] Read more »