Choose New Bedford Event Fencing for Paid Admission Events

paid-admission-eventsEvent coordinators will often use rental fencing to provide organizational and security boundaries for paid admission events. Temporary fence rental is a great and affordable way to get the type of barricade fencing that you need for your special event without having to invest in purchasing enough fencing to use on such a short-term basis.

Even for annual events, there are many benefits associated with using rental fencing instead of purchasing fencing from a local provider. This article will focus on all of the reasons why event planners should consider using Valtran, a local provider of New Bedford event fencing right here in Massachusetts, as well as in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York.

What Type of Events Use Rental Fencing?
When it comes to getting quality barricade fencing to protect your attendees, participants, visitors and special guests at your next paid admission event, temporary fence rental through a professional provider is important. Paid admission events, such as outdoor concerts, carnivals, fairs, festivals and sporting events, are often targets of individuals who try to gain access to these events through dishonest means. Rental fencing allows event planners to create a barrier that will deter some non-ticket holders from crashing the event.

Other means are also sometimes employed in addition to barricade fencing, such as hiring a security guard service, posting employees at entrances and exits, as well as making perimeter checks throughout the duration of the event. Other areas that need protecting from unauthorized access include VIP areas, employee only areas and areas of your event that may have equipment or machinery that could pose a danger.

A ticketed entrance should be used in a main entry location and all attendees should be guided to that area to gain entry to the event. Barricade fencing can be used to guide foot traffic, as well as parking lot traffic, to ensure that your invited guests make it to the event entrance as you intend. Other types of ticketed events include graduations, weddings and other types of special invites, which also require barricade rental fencing and security even though they don’t require a paid admission.

What Kind of Fencing is Used for Events?
There are a couple of different types of rental fencing that are used at these kinds of events. The first is known simply as barricade fencing, but it can come in a variety of sizes and can be made from different materials. The goal of barricade fencing is to provide a safety area for pedestrians or event participants from vehicles and unauthorized access. It is also used to create a barrier between invited guests or paid guests and persons who are not allowed inside the event perimeter.

New Bedford event fencing through a respected company like Valtran is available in different varieties. In addition to barricade fencing, a basic chain link panel rental fencing is also available. Choose from different heights depending on your needs. Most temporary fence rental materials are very flexible and can easily be installed just about anywhere you need it, including hillsides, slopes and flat ground. Our team of expert installers can set you up with quality barricade fencing or other types of rental fencing anywhere you need it.

Advantages of Using Temporary Fence Rental
There are many reasons why event coordinators choose to use rental fencing for their public and private events, whether they require paid admission or not. Safety, ease of use and cost effectiveness top that list. When it comes to improving the operation and organization of your special event, New Bedford event fencing through Valtran can help you to achieve your goals.

  • SAFETY – Temporary fence rental chain link fencing, temp fence and chain link panels help to provide a safe environment for your guests, keeping them out of harms way and preventing unauthorized or non-ticketed persons from crashing the event. Barricade fencing is used to keep vehicles out of the event area to minimize accidents and other related incidents from occurring. By placing rental fencing around the perimeter of your event area, you can reduce or eliminate insurance claims all together.
  • EASE OF USE – One of the best parts about getting your security and barricade fencing from Valtran is how easy it is to use. You literally just need to make a phone call and our team of experienced installers will take care of everything for you. If you aren’t sure what type of rental fencing you need, our customer service agents can help you choose the best type of temporary fence rental according to the type of event you are hosting and the location of the event itself.
  • COST EFFECTIVE – Compare to other suppliers of rental fencing, Valtran is the most cost effective and easy to work with. There is no minimum rental period, making it easy for our customers to rent our professional quality barricade fencing and security fencing products for a short period of time or a long period of time without worrying about long-term contracts or early removal fees. Just call when you want your rental fencing delivered and call again when you want it broken down and hauled away.

Where to Get New Bedford Event Fencing
If you are in need of temporary fence rental for your next event, contact Valtran at 1-800-813-2188. We can help you with a FREE estimate and can assist in coordinating delivery and installation of your rental fencing according to your specifications. In addition to barricade fencing, temp fence and other event fencing products, we also rent, lease and sell container storage units and mobile office trailers. With over ten years of experience serving customers and clients in the New England, New Jersey and New York area, Valtran can provide you with the quality temporary fence rental you need to create a safe and secure environment for your employees, attendees and special guests.