Commercial Business Tips: Renting Temp Fence in New Bedford

commercial-fence-new-bedfordWhen it comes to running a commercial business these days, safety and security are two of the biggest concerns. From special event sales to protecting merchandise and warehouse inventory, commercial quality fence panels are a great way to add temporary fencing where and when you need it. A lot of companies choose to rent a fence instead of invest in purchasing fencing, especially if it is for temporary purposes. If you are in need of a commercial fence rental in New Bedford or anywhere in Southeastern Massachusetts, you can count on Valtran to deliver top quality equipment to your site and set it up according to your specifications.

Different Types of Commercial Fencing
When it comes to choosing the type of temporary fencing that you want to use for your commercial business, there are a couple of choices. Valtran offers a special Temp Fence in New Bedford that can be easily installed without requiring post holes to be dug or any other modifications to be made to your property. This is a great temporary solution that can be quickly installed and easily removed when the event or need is over.

Commercial business owners can choose from basic fence panels, which can be set up in a number of different ways, barricade style Temp Fence or traditional mesh-style or rolled chain link fencing that requires post holes for proper installation. The type of rent a fence that you will need will depend upon where you want it installed, why you need the fence and how long you will need to use the commercial fence rental. If you aren’t sure, our team of customer service agents can help you decide and can even give you a free quote.

Things to Consider When You Rent a Fence
There are five things that will help you to decide what type of temporary fencing will be best for your New Bedford business. Go ahead and review those points below and apply them to your situation. They should be able to help point you in the right direction. Again, the customer service team at Valtran is ready and available to help you decide if you still can’t make a decision.

Step #1 – Review Your Needs
Why do you need a commercial fence rental in the first place? Do you need to control a crowd or protect merchandise? Do you need to set up a line to allow shoppers into your store or do you need something that will prevent unauthorized access on your premises? Make sure that you choose the type of rent a fence materials, including height, durability and strength, that you will need to protect your business.

Step #2 – Check the Specs
You will want to check with local authorities to find out about any legislation that has to do with fencing on a commercial property. Sometimes these laws only apply to permanent fencing, but provide guidelines that will help you decide on the right kind of temp fence in New Bedford. Knowing the law and what it requires of you will protect you against any additional expenses that could be incurred with regard to fines or having to deal with local law enforcement.

Step #3 – Weight Your Security Options
Think about how much security you will need for your commercial business. Sometimes the security needs of a situation alone will help determine what type of fence panels you will need to rent. Check with Valtran to find out more about high security options or even construction grade portable fencing that might be available for your area. We can help you choose the best material, height and style of fencing for your unique situation.

Step #4 – Understand the Options
There are two primary different types of rent a fence available in Massachusetts. The type that gets installed in-ground via poles that are put into the ground for added support, security and stability. The second type does not require post holes to be dug and can be used as a portable, temporary solution. This type, which is known as Temp Fence in New Bedford, is a great solution for locations where post holes cannot be dug for one reason or another. Ask a customer service agent about the options available for both solutions.

Step #5 – Speak With a Pro
You’ve got to talk to a professional commercial fence rental company before making any decisions. The friendly customer service staff and installation crew at Valtran can give you expert insight into the pros and cons of each type of temporary fencing solutions available. Feel free to ask a lot of questions and ask us for a free quote so you can weigh the different costs in with your security budget.

Where to Get Semi-Permanent or Temp Fence in New Bedford
For the most options and the best customer service and installation available in the New Bedford area, contact Valtran. With over ten years of experience serving commercial, construction, industrial and residential customers in the Southeastern Massachusetts area, Valtran has all of the tools and rent a fence materials you will need to set up a secure and safe perimeter at your place of business. Give us a call today and find out why so many businesses in the New England region work with Valtran.