Commercial Fencing in Boston: Construction is Back in Action

construction-bostonThe recession cause a chain reaction of events that ultimately led to Americans having to tighten their belts once again, delaying investment projects, construction work, expansion of businesses and other events that would have, ironically, led to new jobs for people in the northeast who have been struggling. Fortunately, the economic downturn is now back on an upswing, and many of the construction projects in the Greater Boston area that were put on hold are now back in action. As construction begins to roar to life, neighborhoods that were promised revitalization and improvements, are now seeing it come to fruition.

Just last year, regulators in the City of Boston approved over $1.5 billion in brand new construction projects, which include residential, retail and educational developments throughout the city and surrounding area. The one thing that all of these projects will have in common, besides helping New England to get back to work, is that they will all rely on temporary fencing to help secure and protect their job sites as these structures and developments are built. Chain link fence rental has become a common sight, especially in the downtown area, where construction is now in full swing.

Fence Panels for Rent in Boston
One of the most important investments that a commercial or construction business can make when remodeling, renovation or new building is occurring is to rent temporary fencing for the job site. Valtran has a wide selection of fence panels for rent in Boston, and currently provides service throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York, so pretty much anywhere that you have a job site in the northeast, Valtran will be there.

In addition to chain link fence rental, Valtran also provides a couple of other essential rent and lease options for construction projects. Office trailer rentals for instant job site office opportunities and portable construction storage containers, which can be used to hold valuable materials and protect tools, equipment and other essential items on the job site. Valtran delivers your commercial fencing, office trailers and storage containers direct to your job site and sets them up according to your specifications. Then, when the job is finished, we can either transport your rentals to a new job site location, or remove them at your direction.

Why Temporary Fencing for Construction?
A construction site is a very dangerous and hazardous place to be. Not only do you need to use a chain link fence rental to keep unauthorized persons from entering the job site after hours or over the weekend, but you need to use it to protect your job site from vandalism, theft and damage. Valtran provides quick delivery and set up of fence panels for rent in Boston so our clients can rest easy knowing that they are protected from liability and other damages. We use top quality fencing materials that you can trust for all of your construction or commercial fencing needs.

Before we deliver temporary fencing to your job site, we check our chain link fence rental very carefully to ensure safety and quality for our clients. Your security is our priority, so we take our commercial fencing delivery and installation very seriously. If you aren’t sure what type of temporary fencing you need, contact our team of customer service agents. They will be able to walk you through the rental process and will help you choose the right type of construction fence for your project.

Greater Boston Area Projects
In the past year or so, there have been some pretty amazing construction projects going on in the Greater Boston area. Each one of these projects will rely on temporary fencing to protect the job site from vandalism, damage, theft and access by unauthorized persons. Protecting the job site with chain link fence rental ensures that the project won’t have any delays caused by intentional damage, allowing locals to enjoy the finished results on schedule.

  • After a long wait, locals have seen work begin on the Filene’s redevelopment project in downtown Boston, which is an over $600 million complex of stores, offices and luxury homes, as part of the overall Downtown Crossing revitalization project.
  • Work on the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center hotels are scheduled to be completed by 2015, with the two 400-500 room hotels adding much needed lodging space to the convention center area.
  • Another prominent hotel, 40 Trinity Place, is scheduled to rise on the site where the former John Hancock Hotel & Conference Center once stood. The 33-story residential complex and hotel will include 142 luxury residences and a 220-room hotel, along with meeting spaces, parking, restaurants and more.
  • Another redevelopment project that will cost an estimated $172 million will help to expand and renovate the Boston University School of Law, adding a 95,000 square foot addition to the west side of the building. This project is scheduled to be completed in fall of 2015.
  • The site of the old Boston Herald will be getting a $200 million treatment. Known as the “Ink Block” project, the six acre project will add three new buildings, feature 471 luxury apartments, include restaurant and retail space, as well as a Whole Foods. The project will be done in phases and is anticipated to be completed by 2016.

Where to Get Commercial Fencing in Boston
Contract Valtran for the best prices, quality and services available for temporary fencing in the Greater Boston area. We provide a wide variety of chain link fence rental in commercial and construction grade. Our team will deliver and set up your commercial fencing according to your specifications and we will return to break it down and pick it up when your job is completed. For the best deals and service on fence panels for rent in Boston for your next construction project, trust Valtran.