Construction Fence Rental in Fall River: Are You Up to Code?

construction-fall-riverAccording to the laws set forth by state governments in this country, all construction sites are obligated by law to have construction fence that surrounds the job site and the entire premises. This law applies whether the project is residential or commercial, whether it is a complete build from the ground up or whether the project is a renovation or remodel. Construction fence rental from a reputable company that adheres to the strict standards imposed by state and federal laws regarding construction sites is the best way to be up to code and in compliance.

The Law and You
Temporary construction fence rental is required by law for the protection and the safety of the site. While it may sound like some kind of government imposition telling you how to run your job site, this law really is created with protecting both the construction site owner and the general public. Because each job site is different – large or small – rental fence is often used by construction companies to ensure that they have enough portable fencing to go around the perimeter of the job site.

Fence rental in Fall River is designed to protect the public that could “wander” onto the job site and become injured due to the equipment, holes being dug, cement being poured or materials left lying around the site. However, construction fence rental also protects the workers of the job site and the people inside the site from work-related injuries and other hazards that could come from the site being wide open to the public. Behind the law is the federal administration that is in charge of enforcing regulations regarding public and worker safety, which is known as OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Different Types of Portable Fencing
When it comes to the type of rental fence that you will use, a lot will depend on the type of job that you are doing. For example, when it comes to residential construction, the laws and regulations regarding fence rental in Fall River and elsewhere across the nation are simple to follow. The laws regarding residential construction work for additions, renovations and remodeling do not specify a specific style of portable fencing or material that must be used. The only requirements stated by OSHA is that the fence needs to be a minimum height of four feet and, of course, a specific width to protect the entire site from unauthorized access.

However, when it comes to construction fence rental for commercial or industrial sites, there are many extensive and specific requirements that must be followed. This is due to the fact that most of these job sites are located in areas that have a lot of traffic, such as cities, commercial areas and other heavy traffic locations. As a result, the fence rental in Fall River that is used for these purposes must be adequate for the type of protection that is needed, such as heavy-duty materials, a higher fence height and additional attachments that are designed to guarantee the safety of the people both inside and outside of the perimeter.

What Type of Rental Fence Do You Need?
It can be difficult to stay up on all of the requirements stated in the law and enforced by OSHA, which is why it is important to rent your portable fencing from a reputable company that knows the law and can help you obtain rental fence that adheres to the law. Valtran has been providing construction fence rental in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York for over a decade. Our team of customer service representatives and professional portable fencing installers know the laws and regulations in your state and can help you be in compliance.

When you contact Valtran to get a FREE estimate for your next construction project, make sure to tell the customer service representative as much as you can about the type of work that you will be doing and the location of the project itself. Beyond residential, commercial and industrial regulations regarding portable fencing, there are even more strict regulations for construction sites that use heavy equipment or contain overhead work. Our agents will work with you to make sure you have the right type of fence rental in Fall River or wherever your job is located to ensure that you are up to code.

Getting Started: Ordering Your Portable Fencing
All you need to do to get started and make sure that you are in compliance with construction fence rental codes and regulations is to call Valtran at 1-800-813-2188. Our team will schedule your delivery, deliver your rental fence to the job site and professionally install it for you, according to your specifications. If you need your rental fence moved to another location, just contact our team and we will move it for you. When the project is complete, call Valtran again and we will remove the portable fencing and haul it away. When you get your construction fence rental in Fall River from Valtran, you simplify the process and can have the peace of mind in knowing that you are in compliance of local, state and federal law.