Construction Fencing: Temporary Fence Rules in New Bedford?

temporary-fence-rules-new-bedfordTemporary construction fence is typically used on a job-site or other type of construction site as a means of maintaining some type of security. The security could be to prevent theft or vandalism of construction equipment, materials or the work in progress, however it can also be to protect people from getting hurt while construction is underway. When it comes to accident prevention, there are often local rules, regulations and laws concerning construction fencing, such as required heights, installation rules and other security measures. Before you get a chain link fence rental, it is important to know if there are any temporary fence rules in New Bedford that pertain to your type of construction project and what responsibilities you have with regard to securing the site.

How is Temporary Construction Fence Used?
Temporary construction fence, which typically consists of a lightweight fencing, can be used in circumstances where only partial security is required. Chain link fence rental and other types of lightweight construction fencing can be used in these instances. Valtran has a unique Temp-Fence solution that doesn’t require any permanent or semi-permanent installation methods. In fact, it can be installed without digging any post holes or making any changes to the existing environment.

The code requirement for this type of temporary construction fence will depend upon the location of the fencing as well as the particular job that you are working. Chain link fence rental that is made up of 11-1/2 gauge wire fabric and basic fence postings is the type that is most often used on job sites. Chain link fence rental heights and lengths may vary, so it is important to check with local regulations before you consult with your construction fencing rental company to place an order.

Different Types of Temporary Construction Fence
As opposed to permanent fencing for construction site perimeters and long-running projects, temporary chain link fence rentals are typically six feet in height and are available in panels of eight to ten feet in width. Steel mesh is used to make most construction fencing, whether it is permanently installed or temporary construction fence that can be easily moved. Chain link panels can be more costly to rent than rolled chain link, but it can be used in more flexible situations, such as on top of concrete in parking lots or on other asphalt or blacktop foundations.

You will need to consider different types of temporary fence rules in New Bedford before choosing a type, style or height of construction fencing, but once you find out what is required, there are still quite a few options available. If budget is a factor in your decision-making, it is important to remember that standard temporary construction fence will be cheaper than panel-style chain link fence rental. Speak with a customer service agent to explore all of your options.

Other extras must be considered as well. For example, if you need additional screening or protection to prevent the spread of debris, dust or sand during your project, you will want to factor in that additional cost. Privacy slats can be used with a chain link fence rental instead of screening to increase privacy and reduce blowing dust. Security can be increased with the addition of heavy gauge steel or fabric, as well as barbed wire and other security fencing extras. Speak with customer service about temporary construction fence add-ons and specialty items to increase your overall protection.

Do You Need Construction Fencing or Not?
Even if the temporary fence rules in New Bedford do not apply to your particular project, you may want to consider getting temporary construction fence just for your own protection. Here are some instances where construction fencing can be beneficial to the contractor or construction company that go beyond local regulations and requirements:

  • decreased liability – chain link fence rental can be used to set a perimeter around your remodeling, renovation or construction build job site to ensure that unauthorized persons do not enter the area after hours, injure themselves and then hold your company liable
  • property protection – if you have materials, tools or other equipment on-site that you want to remain on the property throughout the project, construction fencing can be used to protect your belongings, along with portable storage containers and mobile office trailers
  • professional appearance – even if you are working on a small residential renovation, adding construction fencing around the area that you are upgrading or remodeling can add a professional touch to the job that your clients will appreciate as long as you choose a tasteful temporary construction fence that will improve the look of the job site
  • privacy from nosy neighbors – sometimes you just want temporary construction fence to prevent people from being able to look in at the job site, especially if the project will involve a big “reveal” to the community when it is finished

Where to Get Temporary Construction Fence in New Bedford
If you ware looking into chain link fence rental for your construction site, commercial project, special event or residential renovation, contact Valtran to get the best deals and service for construction fencing in Southeastern Massachusetts. In addition to servicing customers within the local area, Valtran also provides temporary construction fence and other fence rentals to clients throughout the northeastern region, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Contact our customer service department for more information on temporary fence rules in New Bedford or to get a quote on our temporary construction fence.