Decorating Tips for Construction Office Trailers in Boston

decorating-tipsJust because your portable construction office has a specific and industrial purpose doesn’t meant that you can’t be creative and use decorative materials and ideas to make it look more like an office than a construction storage container. Whether you are using a mobile office rental or if you have purchased office trailers in Boston to use for this purpose, the decorative tips here can be used without causing damage to the inside of the office trailer.

This article will focus on some unique methods and traditional ideas that you can use to make your mobile office rental or purchased office trailer to look more like an office. Adding a personal touch can make the office more welcoming, which is great when you invite vendors, clients and other professionals to visit you there. It can also help to boost productivity with your employees, helping them to feel more like they are working in a permanent office, not a temporary office trailer.

Author’s Note: If you have any questions about upgrades, alterations or decorative changes that you want to make when using a construction trailer for rent, contact the customer service department to find out what is okay to do and what isn’t.

If you own your own office trailers in Boston, you can go ahead and paint the walls any color you like. Most mobile office rental units come in a plain white or grey in order to make a neutral backdrop for the client’s office space. For renters, one way to spruce up the walls is to add pictures. You don’t need to use nails to hang them either, just grab some of those heavy-duty post-it picture hanging tools and then you can place them wherever you want without worrying about causing damage.

What should you hang? Photos of the local area are great if you are trying to sell the project to prospective buyers, such as residential real estate, vacation homes, etc. Framed blue prints of other projects, photos of your construction crew, images of past projects that you are proud of or even examples of architecture that inspire you are other excellent choices. Just don’t hang pictures of puppies and kitties and bunnies on the wall. Remember, this is a professional portable construction office, not a daycare.

It is a good idea to add plants to your mobile office rental to give the place a little life. Studies show that offices that have plants can actually lower stress and boost productivity. Either way, they make the place look nice and are a rather inexpensive way to provide color and decoration to the space. Get different types of plants – hanging plants, plants on plant stands, plants on top of desks or credenzas, etc. Flowered plants, vine plants, bushy plants – whatever you think will look best in the space.

If you are not good with taking care of plants, consider artificial plants. While they don’t have the same emotional effects as live greenery, they do have the same aesthetic benefits. Just remember to dust them often with all that construction dirt, dust and materials in the air. Most artificial plants are very affordable, especially if you purchase them through a large warehouse supply store. They often sell special cleaning cloths and sprays that will help keep your artificial plants dust and debris-free.

While it might not be appropriate to put out a plate of cookies for your guests, having a coffee machine and a mini-fridge for storing bottled water is an absolute must for any busy office. The fresh-brewed coffee also helps to make your construction trailer for rent smell more like a permanent office and studies show that the smell of coffee keeps employees more alert. Being able to offer your guests something to drink is a sign of professionalism that will help to make a positive impression.

Other options to consider, depending on the time of year, include hot and cold tea, hot cocoa and ice cold soda pop. These ideas are all very cost-effective and affordable as long as you can keep the construction crew out of the office. Don’t forget the cream, sugar, stirrer sticks, bio-degradable cups, lids and anything else that you might need to let your guests enjoy their cup of coffee the way they like it.

The seating area that you provide for your guests in your portable construction office should be conducive to the type of work you will be doing there. If you are meeting with prospective buyers, then a comfortable style of furniture may be in order to encourage them to stay longer and consider your property. If you are meeting with vendors, contractors and architects, perhaps just a simple set-up of chairs next to your desk will suffice.

A comfortable seating area at the entry could also serve as a waiting room. This can be especially helpful if you anticipate that your temporary office trailers in Boston will be busy with a steady stream of visitors on a regular basis. You could even meet with clients in the waiting room to discuss matters in a more relaxed space rather than having them come back to your desk area.

Where to Get Office Trailers in Boston
If you are working on a construction project in the City of Boston or anywhere else in the northeastern region, contact Valtran to get a quality construction trailer for rent, lease or purchase. We have a wide variety of sizes and styles for you to choose from, helping you to get the amount of space that you require in a portable construction office. Our team will deliver your mobile office rental to your job site and set it up according to your specifications. When you are finished using it, just contact us again and we will come back and pick it back up. It really is that easy to have quality office trailers in Boston available for your construction job site.