Disaster Prep & Emergencies: Office Trailers in New Bedford

disaster-prep-emergenciesOne of the most popular reality television programs and trends today is disaster preparation. Whether the goal is to prepare for a natural disaster, such as a snow storm, hurricane or flood; or if the goal is more about preparing for a major incident, such as a terrorist attack, problem with the national electric grid or some other man-made disaster; people are beginning to stockpile food, water and other essentials in order to survive these possible scenarios.

In addition to average citizens preparing for disastrous situations, many businesses, health care facilities and other public safety institutions prepare for emergencies on a regular basis. In order to accommodate all of the items that would be needed in case of a devastating situation, homeowners, business owners and administrators alike are turning to office trailers as a means of storing and transporting the things that they are stockpiling.

Where Office Trailers are Used
There are lots of instances where office trailers are used to aid in disaster and emergency preparations. You can rent an office trailer in New Bedford to use on a temporary basis to help prepare for possible scenarios or you can purchase used office trailers and outfit them with everything you need, continuing to update items and add to your stockpile on a permanent basis.

Whether you decide to rent New Bedford portable offices or purchase office trailers for long-term use, you will need a flat, level surface to set up your emergency or disaster preparation trailer for best results. While it doesn’t have to be installed on the ground like ground level container storage or offices, you should still aim to set up your mobile office trailers on concrete, asphalt, brick, tile, compacted dirt and other level surfaces, especially for any long period of time.

Examples of where emergency and disaster preparation trailers are used:

  • public service agencies
  • local education systems
  • college campuses
  • hospitals and medical clinics
  • utility companies
  • insurance companies

How Office Trailers are Used
Depending on the intention of the business, agency or program that decides to rent an office trailer in New Bedford or purchase used office trailers, different things will be stocked and prepared inside of the unit. For example, a medical clinic would stockpile first aid supplies, antibiotics, bandages, antiseptics and other things essential to providing care for persons who have experienced a major disaster or event. Insurance companies would stockpile all of the things they might need to set up shop and work with homeowners following a big storm to ensure that they get paperwork filled out properly to receive coverage.

In the case of average citizens who purchase New Bedford portable offices to prepare for potential disasters and situations, certain items would be stocked and saved to provide for the needs of the individual, family or small community that they are planning to serve. Food items with a long shelf life that don’t require a lot of energy to prepare and cook, a safe water supply, safety equipment, tools, first aid kits, required prescriptions, extra batteries, energy sources, fuel sources and lots of other things that we often take for granted in our day-to-day lives. They prepare not just for the next big winter storm, but also for an attack, power outage or other man-made situation that could go on for a period of weeks, months or years.

Why Office Trailers for Disaster Prep and Emergencies?
One of the reasons why so many are choosing to use New Bedford portable offices and used office trailers to set up their disaster preparation and emergency centers is that they were designed to be long-lasting, durable, provide protection from wind, weather and water, plus many have stand-alone features, including all of the electrical wiring you would need to set up a functional office, bathrooms, insulation and other custom upgrades.

Office trailers that are on wheels are easy to tow and transport to a desired location. They can then be easily moved again if the situation calls for relocation. While some preppers prefer to lower the used office trailers off the wheels and permanently place them in a chosen location, others prefer to keep them on wheels so they can move them at will. A generator and plumbing hook-up is all that is needed to make the office trailers fully functional. Multiple used office trailers can even be used in conjunction with one another to form a small community for larger families or groups that want to prepare for disasters together.

Where to Buy or Rent an Office Trailer in New Bedford
If you are interested in learning more about new office trailers and used office trailers available for rent, lease or purchase right here in New Bedford, Massachusetts, look no further than Valtran. With over a decade of experience providing New Bedford portable offices to our customers and clients, we have a wide variety of new and used office trailers for you to choose from and explore for your disaster preparation and emergency needs. Call Valtran today at 1-800-813-2188 to get a FREE estimate on our 24 and 32 foot office trailers. We provide delivery and set up of office trailers, container storage and temporary fencing throughout the northeastern region, including all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey and New York.