Disaster Recovery: How to Use Portable Offices in Fall River

disaster-fall-riverWhen most people think about recovering from a disaster – be it of the natural or man-made variety – they often think about temporary office trailers being used by government officials, medical teams or other clean-up crews on location. However, if your business were to be faced with disaster and needed to get back up on its feet and operational to maintain the services or products you provide, a mini mobile office could be the best and quickest solution.

Preparing for a Disaster
The best thing you can do to help salvage your business if a disaster hits, is to have a contingency plan in place ahead of time. Knowing what you will do, where you will go and having essential backups already available to you can really help get recovery moving in the right direction. In the world of business, time usually equates to money, so the faster you can get your business operational again, the less money you will potentially lose.

In Massachusetts we are most often faced with extreme weather conditions, ranging from summer storms and flooding to hurricane force winds, ice storms to blizzards and of course, the legendary Nor’easter. It is important to think about what you can do to create a portable office in Fall River following a disaster, should something happen to your brick and mortar location. Contacting a professional company like Valtran, which offers mobile office trailers for rent, can help you to learn more about temporary office trailers, how they work, how much they cost and how you can use them to keep your business afloat, even if the local area is under water.

Protect Your Property
To prevent extreme damage to your property from natural disasters, make sure to keep landscaping trimmed or cut back to prevent tree branches from crashing through windows or falling through your roof. Check the location of your store and find out if you would benefit from sand-bagging or doing some concrete work ahead of time that might help funnel driving rains or flood waters away from your business. Have the building structure checked, including the roof, doors, windows or anywhere that wind, rain or other types of weather could wreck havoc.

If you are in a flood zone, consider moving your products or other merchandise to higher ground. Installing metal shelving and keeping valuable items up off the floor can protect them. Even an inch or two of water could cause damage if you keep your items stored in boxes without benefit of shelves. Consider renting temporary storage containers from Valtran as well to protect your merchandise or to provide extra storage space for an over-crowded stock room. Valtran even has a mini mobile office combination unit that provides viable office space and storage space in one.

Pay Attention to the Details
While you don’t need to be obsessed, it can be very beneficial for business owners to pay attention to the local weather reports. You can download smartphone apps that will alert you when bad weather is on its way, leaving you free to focus on your business. Knowing what’s coming can help you to be alert and more prepared if disaster does hit your business. Being able to act and react quickly can mean the difference between slight damage and a total loss.

Check to see that your business insurance is up to date. Make sure that all of your paperwork is accurate and that you are current with your payments. This is very important. Also make sure that your insurance will extend to protect temporary office trailers and portable storage containers, should you choose to use them at any time. Depending on the structure and focus of your business, purchasing a mini mobile office might be even better than renting a portable office in Fall River on an as-needed basis. Some businesses can benefit from having access to a mobile office year-round.

Proceed Carefully Following Disaster
If your business is affected by a natural or man-made disaster, check on things right away but proceed with caution. First determine whether or not your business structure is sound and safe for you or your employees to enter. If you believe it to be unstable, contact your insurance agent, along with a local building inspector to be sure. Make any repairs or maintenance as soon as you are able to avoid further damage from the elements.

While your office is not able to be used, get mobile office trailers for rent so you can hook up your computers, phones, printers and other equipment, allowing you to continue doing business and keeping your employees in jobs during the clean-up and repair process. Determine whether or not your business can continue to thrive outside of your brick and mortar base. While not every business can operate out of temporary office trailers and container storage units, most can.

Where to Get a Portable Office in Fall River
If you are in the market to rent or purchase temporary office trailers in the Fall River, Massachusetts area, contact Valtran. Serving commercial, construction and residential customers in the New England area for over ten years, Valtran also provides service outside of Massachusetts, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Call Valtran today for a free quote on our mini mobile office, container storage and temporary fence rentals so you can be better prepared for tomorrow.