Expand Educational Options With New Bedford Portable Offices

educational-new-bedfordMany schools across the country are faced with a common issue: too many students and not enough space. Not only are teachers and students having to deal with unusually large class sizes, but there are often not enough classrooms available to go around to meet the needs of all the students in the area. This article will focus on the ways that a storage container office can be used, as well as the advantages of choosing this solution over other options.

How to use Portable Offices on Campus
If your school needs additional space, consider using a portable office trailer to create more room on campus immediately. There are lots of ways that these New Bedford portable offices can be used to the advantage of school administrators to improve the educational options available to students.

  • Classrooms
    Sometimes just a small classroom space is needed in order to meet the needs of students. Choose from 8×24 and 8×32 storage container office units from Valtran that can be used to provide opportunities for focused educational programs, services or classes. Special needs students, gifted programs, after school programs, clubs and more can all benefit when you rent temporary office trailers and use them on-site. These can be rented for short-term use during remodeling or renovation, but can also be used long-term by semester or school year to provide much-needed space.
  • Lab Space
    Another use for the portable office is as lab space for specialized classes. These are most often used for reading labs, learning labs, computer labs, science labs and other focused programs. High schools, community colleges and other continuing education programs use them frequently. A storage container office is a great way to separate lab work from regular classroom work, providing all of the tools, equipment and supplies required in a single, focused area.
  • Mobile Library
    If your school doesn’t have a large library or if the space currently being used for the library is needed to expand classrooms, consider using a portable office for this purpose. Shelving can be added and even a computer or media area can be included to provide access to a wide selection of materials. Some schools have even chosen to purchase a storage container office for this purpose rather than rent temporary office space to keep their mobile library operational year-round or for multiple school terms.
  • Administrative
    Another option to provide more building space to students is to move the administrative offices outdoors to a portable office location. Schools in New Bedford use portable offices to house computers, records, filing systems, secretaries, school nurses, principal and vice principal offices and much more. A meeting area can be set up within the storage container office and multiple workstations can be hooked up for computer use. There are many custom options available when you rent temporary office space.

The Advantages to Choosing a Portable Office
Compared to other options, choosing to rent temporary office space has a lot of advantages. The first is cost, which is always an issue with educational facilities these days. There just doesn’t seem to be enough money available for additions, renovations or other changes to the construction of the school campus when it is needed. Renting, leasing or even purchasing a storage container office for your school can be much more cost-effective and less catastrophic to the annual budget than adding new buildings or making other, more permanent changes.

When you call Valtran to rent temporary office space you can count on it being delivered right away. When it comes to making construction changes on site, it can take weeks, months or sometimes even years to get the project completed. A portable office is available right now and can be used immediately to add much needed space to your facility. This helps administrators keep their focus where it belongs in providing quality educational opportunities to their students.

Where to Get New Bedford Portable Offices
If you are interested in finding out more about how to rent temporary office trailers or use portable office space to your school’s advantage, contact Valtran. Our home office is located right here in New Bedford, allowing us to provide our clients with the best products available in storage container office and storage space. Ask about our short-term rentals, long-term leases and purchasing options. Valtran also serves clients throughout the northeastern region, including Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Call today to get a free quote on renting our affordable portable office trailers for your school or educational facility!