Fence for Businesses: How Commercial Fence Rental is Used

fence-for-businessIn the City of Providence, commercial fencing is typically used to enclose specific objects are areas to prevent unauthorized access. The type of fence for businesses will vary depending on where it is being used and what it is being used to protect. While there are very definite rules and regulations regarding the type of commercial fence rental that can be used for construction sites, including remodeling or renovation work, business fencing is usually free from restrictions for most situations.

When it comes to choosing what type of commercial fence rental would be best for your particular situation, it is important to work with a company that can provide you with business fencing that is made from high-quality, sturdy materials, regardless of whether your fencing is meant to be a visible deterrent or work as a true security fence. In a commercial setting where delivery trucks and the loading or unloading of merchandise is common, it is important to get a fence for businesses that will stand up to your everyday use.

Weather conditions should also be taken into consideration. For example, the Providence commercial fencing that you choose must be able to stand up to a New England winter, strong winds, heavy rains and the heat of summer. If the business fencing will only be used for a short period of time, adjustments can be made as to the type of materials and style of fencing that you order, however it is still important to consider how and where it will be used to ensure that you have adequate protection.

Commercial Fence Rental for Safety
If the primary reason why you are renting business fencing is to provide safety for your customers, employees and the general public, you may need to rent fencing that is usually designed for construction zones. If the safety concerns are due to flammable materials, hazardous gases or liquids, equipment or other types of dangerous materials, it is important to make sure unauthorized persons cannot climb over the fence and gain access to the secured area. A high fence made from heavy-duty steel with a security lock at the gate should be used at minimum. Speak with a customer service agent when renting fence for businesses that are used for high security areas to ensure that you get the proper materials.

Security Fence for Businesses
Another common use of business fencing in commercial situations is to provide security for the establishment. Stores that have merchandise or other products stored outdoors that are common targets for thieves will commonly use a commercial fence rental when they have excess merchandise that needs protecting. Sometimes this is a seasonal or temporary situation, which is why rented Providence commercial fencing is used instead of a permanent fencing installation. Another reason for renting instead of purchasing could be that the property management company may prohibit permanent fencing installations, requiring the business owner to rent fence for businesses instead.

Business Fencing for Crowd Control
Stores that have seasonal sales or sale events, such as for Black Friday, new product releases, etc. will often need to use commercial fence rental for crowd control. Barricades and other types of fencing are used to help keep customers in a line to prevent any arguments or hostility when the store opens or the products become available. They are also used to prevent other customers from cutting in line or disturbing the peace in some other way. Crowd control isn’t just about controlling the crowd, but also about providing safety and security measures for customers, employees and the general public.

Temporary Fencing for Special Events
Outside of sales and seasonal activities, there are also often special events that occur at commercial businesses that can also benefit from business fencing. For example, book signings at book stores or specialty shops, can often draw large crowds from all over the region, especially if the author is a popular one. Special product demonstrations by vendors or even celebrity endorsements for new products are also events that can attract large numbers of people. Creating a safety perimeter around the store, the event area and a special staging or waiting area for the VIPs can be done with a commercial fence rental.

Where to Get Providence Commercial Fencing
For businesses located in Providence, Rhode Island or anywhere else in the northeastern region, Valtran is the top provider of quality fence for businesses. Our team of experienced fencing installers will deliver and set up your commercial fence rental according to your specifications. We carry Temp Fence, which does not requiring post holes to be dug for installation, as well as semi-permanent solutions that can be used for extra security when needed. Our customer service agents can help you decide what type of business fencing would work best for your situation and can provide you with a FREE estimate to help with your planning. Valtran provides delivery and set up services to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Give us a call today to start planning your business fencing rentals at 1-800-813-2188.