Five Reasons Why You Should Rent Commercial Fence in Boston

five-reasonsCommercial businesses and event organizers need to be aware that regular fences that can be purchased from a home improvement center just don’t measure up to the quality commercial fencing that is available through rental companies and designed just for this purpose. There are many different types of fence available to choose from, but when it comes to using fencing to protect a business or keep out unauthorized persons from a restricted area, you will need barricade fencing and other types of fencing that is made from heavy-duty, high quality materials for it to be effective in these situations.

Temporary commercial fence in Boston is used in a number of different locations: construction sites, playground areas, special events, parades, festivals, concerts, farms, fairs, sporting events or any situation where a large amount of people will go at once. Commercial fencing can be used in many different situations – not just for businesses or commercial purposes. It can be rented by individuals to fence off an area for a party, a wedding or to work on a home remodeling project. However, this type of temp fence is most often seen used for crowd control or restricted access control by businesses and event coordinators.

Reason #1 – Cost
One of the primary reasons why so many people choose to use temporary commercial fence in Boston, as well as other areas in the northeast, is to provide a low-cost solution to a permanent fencing problem. Permanent fence materials and installation can cost a lot of money and, in some cases, is not practical. Land owners, business owners and event coordinators usually need some kind of fencing that can be used for protection and safety, particularly at night or in deserted places, to keep out unauthorized persons and animals. Temp fence is a great solution because it can provide the safety and security that people are looking for, but at a price that is much more affordable than permanent fencing.

Reason #2 – Control
While we touched on this a little already, the next top reason why people rent commercial fencing on a temporary basis is for crowd control. You don’t want uninvited people crashing in on your wedding and you don’t want non-ticketed individuals crashing a concert in the park. Barricade fencing like this is most often needed when an event is held in a public area, such as a field, park, street or neighborhood, where there are a lot of people coming in and out, as well as a lot of uninvited people walking about at the same time.

Reason #3 – Security
Homes, buildings, businesses and other structures that are being remodeled or renovated by contractors or construction crews also need commercial fencing to protect the site. In the State of Massachusetts, contractors are required by law to use commercial fence in Boston and around the state to keep people outside of the site and to protect and secure the materials, work and individuals working on the inside. A gate that is locked with a heavy tamper-proof lock is typical and, in some cases, added security services or patrols are included to ensure unauthorized persons do not enter to prevent theft or vandalism.

Reason #4 – VIPs
Many special events and parties will have a separate area for VIPs or Very Important Persons who attend. This usually includes celebrities or other well-known, high-profile persons who require protection from fans coming in and asking for autographs or photos. You will frequently see temp fence used in malls, at concerts and other situations where celebrities and other famous folks are in attendance. Barricade fencing like this makes it easier for security to maintain control over the situation.

Reason #5 – Tickets
If the event that you are holding requires tickets to get in, temporary commercial fencing can help. Temp fence is used to separate outside, public areas from inside, ticketed-access areas. You can see this type of barricade fencing in action at amusement parks, carnivals, fairs, concerts and other public events that require a ticket for access.

Where to Get Commercial Fence in Boston
If you are interested in learning more about commercial fencing or barricade fencing for anywhere in the New England, New Jersey or New York area, look no further than Valtran. Our team of customer service agents can help you figure out how much and what type of temp fence you will need for your business or event. We can even provide you with a FREE estimate when you call us at 1-800-813-2188.