Get a Construction Storage Container for Rent in Providence

construction-storage-providenceConstruction companies that work on residential projects, such as renovation, remodeling or building an addition onto an existing home, know that having on site storage containers is a huge asset that can help them to protect the client’s belongings, have easy access to project parts and materials, all while keeping the job site clean and neat. When working with residential clients it is important to respect the property and the surrounding neighborhood throughout the duration of the project. Jobsite storage is an essential ingredient in accomplishing all of these tasks, so it is important for construction managers to know where to get a quality storage container for rent in Providence, Rhode Island or anywhere else that they provide their services.

Why On Site Storage Containers Are Important to Construction Work
There are many different reasons why construction companies require on site storage containers, whether they are working on a residential or commercial project. Jobsite storage is necessary not just to protect the clients’ belongings, but also the parts and materials required to get the job done. Here are some examples of the things that are stored in construction storage container units at a construction site, as well as some of the reasons behind needing to store them in the first place.

  • Tools & Equipment – Any Type of Job Site
    From remodeling to renovation, building construction to add-on rooms, it is important to have a safe and secure place to store all of your tools and equipment. While some items are transported back and forth daily to the job site via company trucks and personal vehicles, the bulky items, most of which are used on a daily basis, would be much better served having been stored in on site storage containers. Large, metal and secure construction storage container options are available to provide a safe place for storage of these items at commercial, residential and industrial job sites.
  • Materials & Parts – Any Type of Job Site
    With daily deliveries of all your building materials, both large and small, it is important to have a safe place to keep those items until you are ready to use them. A storage container for rent in Providence could be used to house all of your lumber, appliances, parts and other materials that will be used throughout the duration of your project. Jobsite storage works to protect your materials from the elements year-round and also keeps them from prying eyes that might be scoping out your location for something worthy of stealing. A construction storage container also works to protect items from vandalism.
  • Client Belongings – Residential or Commercial
    When doing a residential remodel or renovation, it is important to remove the clients’ furniture, appliances and other important belongings throughout the project. This is not only to protect these items from the dirt, dust and debris that can circulate inside a home or office during such a project, but also to protect you and your crew from any liability, should anything get scratched, dented or broken. On site storage containers help the property owners control access to their belongings at their property, allowing them the ability to get things out or put new things in as needed. This is a great option for kitchen remodels, room additions, roof replacements, window and door replacements and other additions. The construction storage container is delivered to the client’s property and is then picked up to put into storage until the project is complete or is left on-site, where there is room, to give the client 24/7 access to the storage unit.

The Benefits of Choosing On Site Storage Containers
First and foremost, on site storage containers are often much more affordable and convenient than off-site self storage facilities. The reduced cost is seen in the ability to rent or lease the jobsite storage for as long as you will need it without being beholden to a multiple month contract. Reduced cost is also seen in not having to rent a truck to take said belongings to an off-site storage and pay for gas back-and-forth as things need to be moved. Convenience is being able to access your materials or belongings via the construction storage container 24/7 without having to go anywhere, drive any place or wait for the facility to be open.

Another benefit to getting a storage container for rent in Providence over off-site storage is that it provides a safe and comfortable work environment. On site storage containers allow construction crews to make more space indoors to complete the remodel or renovation work without worrying about moving furniture around or protecting the client’s belongings. This helps to minimize the risk for injuries due to constant moving of items and time delays that can occur when a home is too crowded with furniture.

Security is another benefit, as you or the client will be the only ones with access to the on site storage containers. If the client’s belongings are being stored, they will be the only one with a key for access. If your materials, appliances and other equipment are being stored, then you will be the only one with a key for access. Strong heavy-gauge steel doors and super strong steel construction of each construction storage container helps to protect your items from anything that might threaten them.

Where to Find a Storage Container for Rent in Providence
Valtran is a provider of construction storage container and residential storage container units for just about any type of jobsite storage you might require. We have a variety of different unit shapes and sizes available to accommodate your specific requirements. Our team of delivery experts will deliver your on site storage containers to the desired location and will set it up according to your specifications. When you are finished with the jobsite storage container, our team will pick it back up again – it’s that easy! Call Valtran today for on site storage containers in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York.