Heading Off to College? Moving & Storage Containers Can Help

college-moving-storageIt’s the time of year when students and parents begin to make plans to head off to college. Deciding what to take with you – and what to leave behind – can be a real challenge. Dorm life does not afford much in the way of space, as it is quickly obvious by looking at all of the “space saving” ads from the big box stores that target college students. It can be even more complicated if your parents have plans for your bedroom when you move out or plan to do a remodel once your belongings are moved out. Choosing to put your things into moving and storage containers can really help by giving you the time, space and opportunity you will need to make this a stress-free move.

Using Student Storage Solutions to Your Advantage
One of the reasons why so many people are choosing to rent a storage container in Wareham as opposed to relying on more “traditional” means of storage is that it is very easy to use. Calling a local service like Valtran to deliver storage containers for rent to your home helps you to easily move your things out of your room and into safe and temporary student storage solutions that can hold furniture, clothing, books, collectibles or anything else that you might want to store.

While you can’t take everything with you to college, it is possible to safely store and protect your important belongings while you are gone, keeping them safeguarded from dents and dings, weather and wind, theft and vandalism, as well as dust and dirt. Even if your primary goal is just to keep your younger siblings away from your things, moving and storage containers are a great way to achieve that goal.

How Storage Containers for Rent Work
All you need to do is call Valtran at 1-800-813-2188 to get a FREE estimate on what it would cost to rent a storage container in Wareham or anywhere else in the northeastern region. Whether you want to move all of your things to an apartment off campus or if you just want to store your things while you are away at school, Valtran has a wide variety of student storage solutions that can help you get the job done.

We currently offer residential storage solutions for rent in the following sizes:

  • 10, 20 and 40 foot long standard, long ground level storage containers
  • 20 and 40 foot long high cube ground level storage containers

Valtran will deliver the storage containers for rent of your choice to your home. All that is required is a flat, level surface for the residential storage solution to be set up on site. This can include asphalt, concrete, brick or even compacted dirt, as long as the ground is stable. Load the moving and storage containers at your leisure, packing in furniture, boxes of clothing, sports equipment, books, computers, artwork – anything you will need for your new place or anything that you want to safely store and protect. Use packing materials as you would for an official move, taking care to protect valuable and/or breakable things.

Once you get your student storage solutions packed up, loaded and ready to go, just call Valtran to have everything moved to the new location. That new location could be a place where your things will be stored until college is done for the year or for the duration of your schooling years, as well as to a new apartment or house – the choice is yours. Using moving storage containers helps to reduce costs associated with renting a moving truck or off-site storage unit, as well as all of the gas, insurance and other expenses required for a traditional move of this magnitude.

More Reasons Why Students Choose Mobile Storage Containers
Having the ability to load your student storage solutions at your leisure and allowing a professional company like Valtran to move your belongings for you, allows you to put focus where it should be: getting yourself prepared to start college. This is a very important time in anyone’s life and you shouldn’t be wasting your time thinking about packing, moving and storage. Valtran will take care of the details for you and make sure that your things get to wherever you want them to be.

Others reasons that college students use storage containers for rent include:

  • FLEXIBILITY – When you rent a storage container in Wareham, you only need to rent it for the amount of time that you need it. There are no long-term contracts required and Valtran will move your storage containers for rent wherever you need them moved, making it easy to completely move all your belongings or store them while you are away at school. Load, move and store according to your schedule.
  • SAFE & SECURE – The heavy-duty steel construction of the moving and storage containers available at Valtran make them the perfect student storage solutions due to their ability to protect your belongings from wind, water and weather. These storage containers and re-purposed from cargo containers, which are designed by a strict international standard to be water-tight, wind-resistant and weather-proof.
  • OPTIONS – With so many sizes, styles and types of moving and storage containers available to choose from, many college students opt for this type of student storage solutions because they can load up all of their possessions or just the things that they want to store away. Great as a temporary solution for the first year or two of school and then as an easy way to move your things to you when you are ready to settle in for graduate school or a longer educational stay.

Where to Rent a Storage Container in Wareham
If you live in Southeastern Massachusetts or anywhere in the New England, New Jersey or New York area, call Valtran for all of your student storage solutions. Our team of helpful customer service agents can help you determine what size of storage containers for rent would best suit your needs and can even give you a FREE estimate on what it would cost to use them. Flexible rental agreements, purchase options and other benefits associated with using moving and storage containers are just some of the many reasons why college students in the northeast are choosing to work with Valtran over other traditional storage solutions.