Historic Look of Providence Celebrated in New Construction

providence-new-constructionThe city of Providence, Rhode Island has undergone a lot of new construction and changes in recent years. Beginning in the 1970s and going all the way through the 1990s, when open land and positive economic conditions were abound in this area, a sort of “Renaissance” occurred. There were many projects enacted, particularly condominium and hotel developments, that featured brand new construction, as well as remodeling and renovation of existing buildings. In recent years, Providence has added a brand new corporate headquarters and four brand new buildings that are over 200 feet in height.

City officials have welcomed the new construction, seeing it as an opportunity for increased employment and tax generating potential. To attract new business and industry to the area, they have offered property deals and tax breaks for new construction. However, many of the locals have not been happy with the recent changes, sharing concerns about too many changes that they fear would threaten the historic look and unique architectural style of Providence. Fortunately, the city planning department has listened and many of the latest projects involve retaining a more traditional look as opposed to bringing in new modern styles.

Types of Construction Fence in Providence
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Recent Construction Projects in Providence
Some of the more recent projects that have changed, enhanced and become a part of the collective landscape in Providence include the new Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island Headquarters, which allowed for the consolidation of 1100 employees into a single 325,000 square foot, 12 story, $114 million tower. The new building was built on top of the parking garage for the Intercontinental Waterplace condominiums. Capital Cove is another development of mid-rise condos that was built on top of the former parking lot that was connected to the Amtrak station and the state capitol.

Another project that brought jobs and opportunity to Providence was the Dunkin’ Donuts Center, which was purchased by the Rhode Island Convention Center Authority. $62 million was invested into its renovation, which involved the modernization of the building, the addition of 20 luxury boxes and a connection directly to the Rhode Island Convention Center. The Empire at Broadway is a 22 story office tower with nearly 500,000 square feet of retail space and an over 500 parking space garage.

Other projects include the GTECH Headquarters in downtown Providence, a 10 story, 210,000 square foot building and the Holiday Inn, which was renovated into a Hilton back in 2007. The Masonic Temple building, which was abandoned and unfinished since the Great Depression, has now been gutted completely and restored in 2007, preserving the original historic facade from 1929. All of these projects have infused life into the downtown and surrounding areas of the City of Providence, providing jobs, increasing opportunities and cleaning up the function and appearance of the city as a whole.

Where to Get Chain Link Fencing in Providence
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