How to Get a Quality Temporary Fence Rental in Providence

quality-rentalWhen it comes time to rent event fencing or barricade fence for a special event, project or promotion in Providence, Rhode Island, it is important to make sure that you get a quality product that will perform in the way that you need it to perform, providing you and your guests with the safety, security and structure that you require. There are lots of rental companies out there that are more than willing to just deliver any old type of fencing to your event location without considering what type of an event you are hosting or whether or not the event fencing they just delivered will be appropriate for your needs.

This article will focus on what it is that event coordinators and business owners need to focus on when looking for a quality temporary fence rental in Providence – or anywhere else in the northeastern region, for that matter. It is important to have the right fencing for the right job in order to protect you from liability and to provide the right level of safety and security at the event. The professionalism, experience, reputation and the quality of the product that is being provided when you rent a fence from a vendor is important, and must always be considered.

Why Do You Need Event Fencing?
This should be the first question that the rental company asks you when you call to inquire about event fencing or barricade fence for your special event. While most temporary fencing is used with the idea of controlling crowds, there are different types, heights and styles of fencing that can be used, depending on the situation.

Some of the types of events that may require special event fencing include:

  • large events with a large number of invited guests
  • public events where unexpected numbers could show up
  • entertainment events, including concerts and other shows
  • sporting events that could potentially attract a huge crowd
  • weddings or other personal events that require protection from uninvited guests
  • events that will cater to VIP attendees that require a separate access area

How Many Guests Will Attend?
This can be difficult to estimate, especially for events that are put on for the public, such as parades, festivals, community celebrations and carnivals. However, the more that you are able to estimate the number of guests that you will be receiving, the better you will be able to organize the event. Even events where there is no cost to enter, ticket or invitation required to enter can be better coordinated, if you take the time to estimate public interest.

Barricade fence is a great way to establish crowd control, to get your attendees to move in the direction that you want them to move on the way to the event itself, without going into areas that you don’t want them to go into for safety or security reasons. Barricade fence is used to block the stage at concerts or keep people back from a parade or street race for their protection. When you rent a fence, make sure to know as much as you can about the number of people that will be attending to make sure you get the right type of event fencing.

Ideas for estimating the number of guests you will receive:

  • Create an RSVP email address or phone number and include it in your posters or other advertising around town. Make it fun or offer a small prize for providing contact information.
  • Keep the event free, but require registration online. Allow guests to print out numbered coupons or free tickets for each person so you can gauge the number of guests that will be in attendance.

Things to Consider When You Rent Event Fencing
So we have established that there are many different reasons why people need to rent a fence for commercial or special event purposes and that it is important to know how many people will be attending your event to ensure that you get the right type of fencing. However, there are still some things that you need to consider when you decide where to go for your temporary fence rental in Providence that will help you to choose a professional supplier.

  • Quality of Fencing – The Quality of the event fencing is important. If the fence is flimsy or requires you to install it into the ground at a location where that is not acceptable, it won’t be of any use to you at your event. Ask questions, find out about the type of barricade fence or rent a fence solutions that are available in your area.
  • Professional Staff – The people that you speak with on the phone won’t likely be the same people who come out to deliver and install your event fencing, however the level of professionalism that you hear over the phone will be indicative of the type of service you will receive on delivery and installation day.
  • Experience and Reputation – How long has the company been in business? Do they have at least five years’ worth of experience in the temporary event fencing business? What is their reputation like? What type of clients do they provide services for? Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you call to reserve your barricade fence.

Where to Get a Temporary Fence Rental in Providence
If you are looking to rent a fence for your next big event or production, call Valtran. With several locations throughout the South Coast region and a service range that includes all of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey and New York, you can count on Valtran to deliver your event fencing wherever or whenever you need it.

Valtran has over a decade of experience providing temporary fencing to clients throughout the northeast for public events, community programs, concerts, personal events, construction companies, commercial businesses and a variety of industries. You can count on Valtran for quality temporary fence rental in Providence and beyond!