How to Improve a Portable Construction Office in Providence

improve-portable-officeThere is one piece of equipment that is highly prized among construction site foremen and managers, and that is the use of portable office trailers. Having access to a portable construction office can make all the difference between being able to conduct important business on site each day, or in having to drive across Rhode Island and throughout the South Coast region to meet with clients, vendors, architects and contractors. An on site portable construction office in Providence is a huge asset by itself, but there are ways to improve upon the basic trailer in order to make the most of its full potential.

STEP ONE – Organization
Taking time to set up portable office trailers in a way that will be helpful to keeping your mobile office structured and organized for better productivity can really pay off. Use of a filing cabinet for purchase order receipts and anything else that is not digitally-based or requires a hard copy can really be useful. Computer workstations can be set up within either a single or double portable construction office in Providence, depending on how much room you require for additional storage, meeting space or break room areas for crew members. Take advantage of organizational tools that will help you stay on top of the mountains of paperwork that typically come with each project or job site.

STEP TWO – Regular Cleaning
Setting up a routine for regular cleaning that includes trash removal, clearing off desk tops, checking in-boxes and outboxes at the end of the day or week – it all will help to keep your office trailer rental in Providence clean and neat. Whether your office is used to meet with clients, vendors and contractors or is just for your own in-house staff, it is important to create a professional atmosphere. Assign a trusted staff member to do the cleaning on a weekly basis or consider hiring cleaners to come in at the end of the day or when security staff is on duty. Toss any papers, books, catalogs or other items that you don’t need, shredding anything that could compromise the identity of your business, employees, vendors or clients. Keep furniture vacuumed and dusted, making sure to do a thorough clean at the end of every project to have a clean, fresh start for the next job.

STEP THREE – Air Quality Control
Because most job site trailers for sale, lease or rent often stay shut up and closed for most of the day and night, the air quality can become poor if not properly addressed. Dust, dirt and debris from the work site also have a tendency to make their way indoors. Replace the filters from any HVAC units on a monthly basis or more frequently if you notice that they fill up quickly because of the project or location. Use a dust repelling spray that will help prevent build up on furniture, desks, cabinets and artificial plants or artwork inside your portable construction office. Keep ceiling fans, window fans, air purifiers and anything else that you use to move or clean the air as clean as possible. Use a HEPA filter vacuuming system to prevent dust and dirt from getting into the air.

STEP FOUR – Extra Storage Space
One of the advantages of choosing to work with a company like Valtran to rent, lease or purchase a portable construction office in Providence is that we have a variety of different sizes and types of portable office trailers available to suit your needs. Choose from a single office space that is 8 feet by 24 feet or a double office space that is 8 feet by 32 feet. Another option is an office and storage space combination that is the same size as the double office space. Adding shelving units, file cabinets and any other storage tools that will help you to properly store and protect all of the things that you need to properly run your business.

STEP FIVE – Security Measures
On a construction site, it is extremely important to take certain security measures that will protect the materials, tools, equipment, machinery and the project itself from vandalism or theft. Many project managers will hire a security service to check on the job site after hours and on weekends, while others will hire a 24 hour service to also check identification of persons entering the job site during the work day as well. This can be a huge benefit if you have a lot of vendors and sub-contractors visiting the job site, helping you to take control over who has access to the site, to valuable materials and professional equipment. Adding a temporary security fence can be required by law, but making sure to choose an appropriate fence height and style that will provide you with the best protection is important as well. Other measures, such as key control, a sign-in/sign-out sheet, list of authorized persons to sign for deliveries or access to the on site storage can also be employed.

Where to Get an Office Trailer Rental in Providence
For construction companies and contractors in the South Coast area, contact Valtran to rent, lease or purchase job site trailers for sale. We provide delivery services to customers throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Just give us a call at 1-800-813-2188 to get a FREE estimate on a portable construction office in Providence or anywhere in the northeastern region, or to schedule a delivery of one of our portable office trailers.