How to Use Construction Storage in Wareham to Your Advantage

construction-storage-warehamThe initial design stages of any construction project should be completed carefully and thoroughly to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. One of the first things that should be considered are construction storage solutions. It is important to determine when and how the materials that you require for the project will be delivered, and where they will be stored on the job site. Construction storage should be decided, chosen and set up before anything gets delivered to protect the materials from weather, damage, theft or any other threats. Figuring out how much materials will be required and responding with the correct amount of space for storage in Wareham on the job site, will prevent many of these common construction site problems from becoming an issue.

Step One: Get a Storage Container
The best type of on-site construction storage available is the metal storage container. Valtran provides delivery of container storage in Wareham and all throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey and New York, so pretty much anywhere your project takes you, construction storage solutions will be available. Delivery and on-site set-up are part of the service provided, so all you have to do is tell them where to deliver and set-up the storage unit, and Valtran will take care of the rest.

Choose from a couple of different sizes and styles, ranging from a small 10 foot storage container, which is perfect for protecting tools and other important items, on up to a 40 foot storage container, which can be used to protect plasterboard, wood, copper piping and anything else on the job site that needs protecting. Dock height, office/storage combination units and cube storage are also available, however most construction storage consists of the traditional ground level, rectangular steel construction storage container units, that have been used successfully for many years.

Step Two: Provide Security
There are three things to consider when providing security for your construction storage in Wareham. Number one is a good lock, which should always be used with your storage container, that includes a tight key control system to prevent unauthorized of after hours access by your crew members. Number two is a good security guard service, either one that is on-site after hours and on weekends, or one that drives by the location throughout the night to do checks for vandals or thieves.

The third means of providing security for your construction storage solutions and your job site as a whole is to use temporary security fencing. In addition to providing construction storage to companies throughout the New England region, Valtran also is the leading provider of temporary fencing solutions. Just like our storage container delivery service, we also deliver and set-up your construction fencing according to your specifications, and then remove it when the project is complete.

Step Three: Proper Placement
The unloading and handling of your materials when you place them into storage in Wareham on the job site is just as important as making sure you have a quality storage container that will keep your materials dry and protected from damage. Scheduling a dedicated team of crew members with experience handling materials to unload, distribute and store the materials when they are delivered. Ensure that you are using a computer-based stocking system to keep track of the materials once they are delivered through tagging for extra security.

If you aren’t sure about proper use of construction storage solutions for heavy materials, hazardous materials, tools or anything else on the job site, speak with a customer service representative when you call to order your storage container delivery. Valtran can help you to choose the type of construction storage that will best suit your needs according to the items that you need to store and secure. For additional questions regarding safety regulations and other requirements, check the OSHA website or consult with a professional.

The Benefits of On-Site Construction Storage
If you still aren’t sold on using on-site construction storage in Wareham, Massachusetts or anywhere else in the northeast for your next project, you will want to take a look at this list of some of the benefits associated with using on-site construction storage solutions. While it might seem to make sense to store materials, tools and other items at your local shop or warehouse, the advantages of using on-site storage container units outweighs any associated costs.

  • Efficiency – Storing your tools, materials and other equipment in an on-site construction storage unit helps to improve efficiency on the job site, reducing the amount of time required for crew members to go back to the shop to retrieve items and the cost of hauling them back and forth across town, both in terms of time and money for fuel.
  • Service – Studies have shown that by using a storage container to house materials and tools on the job site, construction companies have been able to increase work productivity and decrease the amount of time that it takes to complete a project. As a result, these companies are able to provide a better quality of service to their clients.
  • Mobility – Some companies appreciate the advantages of construction storage solutions for on-site storage of tools and materials so much that they purchase a storage container from Valtran to use on every job site. Keeping tools, equipment and other essential items in the construction storage unit, then transporting it from job site to job site, allows for quick and easy set-up so crews can get right to work.

Where to Get Portable Construction Storage in Wareham
If you are working on a construction, remodeling or renovation project in Wareham, Massachusetts or anywhere else in the New England area, contact Valtran for your storage container needs. Valtran has earned a solid reputation for providing quality construction storage solutions to large companies and independent contractors, wherever and whenever they need solid, dependable, secure construction storage. Give us a call today to find out more about the products we have available or to set up delivery of our portable construction storage, temporary fencing or on-site office trailers for your next project.