How to Use Mobile Storage to Relocate Fall River Businesses

relocate-businessWhile most people have a lot of experience packing and moving a household, relocating a business – even within the same town – can be a real challenge. If you are looking to move your Fall River business, storage containers can be a very advantageous tool that will help you to effectively and efficiently move all of your office furniture, computers, equipment and office supplies. Moving a business doesn’t have to be a monumental occasion. All it takes is a carefully made plan and mobile containers from Valtran.

What is Mobile Mini Storage?
While the word “mini” might be used in the name, mobile mini storage is anything but small. Mobile containers are used by all sorts of businesses to safeguard tools, equipment, file cabinets, merchandise, office supplies and all sorts of other essential items. These Fall River business storage containers are made out of strong, durable steel construction and are designed to be able to provide reliable, water-proof and weather-proof protection to the things that are stored inside.

Valtran is the leading provider of commercial storage solutions for businesses throughout the northeastern states, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey and New York. Mobile containers are a popular solution for business relocation, storage during renovations or remodeling projects and for businesses that need a bit of extra space to house overstock merchandise or to make room inside their business for expansion. There are a lot of different ways that mobile mini storage is used by commercial and corporate business owners, managers and employees.

5 Steps to a Better Business Move
Planning is the most important part of making a move, whether you are moving your home or relocating a business. Commercial storage solutions are an essential ingredient in making a successful move, but there are five other things that you can do to make sure that everything goes smoothly. If you use these steps when planning your business relocation using Fall River business storage containers, you will be able to skip a lot of the common issues that many businesses have to deal with as a result of poor prior planning.

#1 – Write a Schedule
Take time to create a schedule that includes all of the important details about when the move will occur and all of the things that will need to take place prior to packing, moving and relocating the business. Make sure to establish a timeline that starts a couple of weeks prior to the move so you will have time to pack everything properly, get everything set up at the new location and take time to take utilities out of your name and make other adjustments at the location that you are leaving.

#2 – Know Your Budget
Staying on top of your company’s budget is never more important than when you are in the midst of a move. Make sure to coordinate all of your financial resources as effectively as possible. It is important to know how much money is available to spend on the move and how much time is available to make the move so you won’t be charged any extra fees or lease costs.

#3 – Move Carefully
Delegate an employee or a team of trusted employees to help you with the moving process. Make sure that all computers, equipment and sensitive materials are properly stowed away in boxes and protected for the move. Take advantage of special boxes, bubble wrap, paper wrapping and other materials that can help to safeguard important and expensive items. Have a team meeting prior to the move to make sure that everyone is on the same page and hire a cleaning crew to come in to take care of the mess once all of your things have been removed from the property.

#4 – Give Notice
Make sure to provide notice of your move to clients, customers, patients, vendors, partners, service providers and anyone else that you work with on a regular basis. Try to give as much notice as possible, somewhere between one and three months prior to the move. The more notice you give, the better everyone will be prepared to make the change. Even if you are just moving across town, make sure to provide adequate notice.

#5 – Update Contacts
Make sure to create new business cards with your new location address, telephone numbers, fax numbers and any other essential information. Change your business cards about a week or two prior to your move so you can hand out your new contact info to clients, customers and other people that you work with through your company.

Where to Get Fall River Business Storage Containers
The best place to rent commercial storage solutions for your move or relocation is Valtran. Providing professional services to New England business owners and managers for over a decade, Valtran has quality mobile containers, a team of experienced delivery and set-up crew members, and our customer service agents are top notch. Give us a call if you have any questions about the mobile mini storage units available for rent, lease or sale. Our team will provide you with a FREE estimate and can schedule deliver of your mobile containers according to your specific requirements. Call Valtran today to get commercial storage solutions delivered to your business today!