How & Where to Rent Mobile Storage Containers in New Bedford

rent-mobile-storage-containersWhen it comes to using residential portable storage as a temporary storage solution or to help move your belongings easily from one place to another, it is important to know where to look in order to get the best mobile storage containers available. While a temporary solution does not have to be top of the line, you should want to use quality New Bedford residential containers for loading your belongings to keep them safe, secure, neat and clean.

Mobile storage containers in New Bedford are plentiful, so you should take the time to do a bit of research about the various companies that rent them to homeowners and other residential portable storage users. Some companies only rent container storage to commercial, industrial or construction companies, so it is important to inquire about availability and any restrictions on clients from the very beginning. Valtran has been providing quality residential portable storage to New England homeowners and contractors for over a decade, earning a solid reputation for customer service and great rental opportunities.

Why Mobile Storage Containers Work
When it comes to finding a temporary place to store your furniture and other belongings during a renovation, remodel or repair due to a disaster or weather-related incident, nothing beats residential portable storage. The company delivers the unit to you at your location. All you need to provide is a stable, level spot for the mobile storage containers to be delivered and set-up. Load your things at your convenience and contact the storage company when you are ready to have your residential portable storage unit moved or removed – it’s that simple.

Some of the reasons people choose temporary mobile storage containers include:

  • SECURITY – Keeping your property on-site helps increase security from break-ins and other situations that could lead to loss or damage.
  • EASY – It is very easy to use mobile storage containers in New Bedford; just call Valtran to have them delivered, load up and then call to have them moved.
  • ACCESSIBLE – Storing your property inside residential portable storage means that you can access your things or switch out property items quickly and easily.
  • AFFORDABLE – One of the great things about using mobile storage containers is that you only rent them for the amount of time you need them – Valtran has no minimum monthly or multi-month lease requirements.
  • STRONG – The heavy-duty all-steel construction used to build mobile storage containers in New Bedford will protect your belongings in all types of weather.
  • PORTABLE – Instead of keeping them on-site, you can have mobile storage containers moved from your current home to a new home, anywhere in the northeastern states.

Types of Residential Portable Storage Are Availalble
When it comes time to choosing which brand of New Bedford residential containers or what type of portable storage would be best for your situation, Valtran has several options for you to consider. All of the residential portable storage units available through Valtran are made of tough steel design, which means that they are wind-resistant, water-resistant and weather-proof – even in the South Coast region. Choose from standard ground level storage containers or high cube-style ground level storage containers in a variety of sizes.

  • STANDARD – 10, 20 and 40 foot ground level storage containers
  • HIGH CUBE – 20 and 40 foot ground level storage containers

Regardless of the style that you choose, the team at Valtran will deliver your mobile storage containers to your home or property. They will set it up according to your specifications. All that is required is a flat, level surface for set up. Once you are done loading or using your New Bedford residential containers, just call Valtran. Depending on your situation, the crew will either pick up and remove the storage or they will move it to your new location. If moving to a new location, Valtran will set up your residential portable storage on a new flat, level surface and wait for you to call when you are finished.

What is the Difference Between Self-Storage Units and Mobile Storage Containers?
While most people in the New Bedford area are quite familiar with self-storage units and other types of local storage facilities, the idea of using residential portable storage containers is relatively new. Mobile storage containers have been used for many years by professional companies and services for the protection of tools, materials, products, merchandise and other important items. Individuals who are looking for a safe, secure, affordable and effective means of storing their furniture, clothing, collectibles and other important belongings for a period of time can take advantage of this unique storage opportunity.

The typical scenario for using a self-storage facility is:

  • rent a moving truck to move your belongings to the self-storage facility
  • put gas in the moving truck to move your belongings across town
  • load up the moving truck with all of your belongings and drive to the storage facility
  • unload the moving truck and load all of your belongings into the self-storage unit
  • REPEAT the process if necessary
  • return the moving truck with a full tank of gas and within the allotted time to avoid additional charges or fees

When it is time to get your things back out of storage, whether it was a temporary situation during a remodel or renovation project, or if it was to safeguard certain items during a home sale or other type of move, you will need to repeat the process again. Renting the truck, paying for gas, loading up the truck at the self-storage facility, driving it back home or to the new location, unloading the truck and then loading all of the items into your home, repeating if necessary and then returning the truck to the rental place. That’s a lot of loading and unloading, paying for gas, rentals and moving equipment.

Renting mobile storage containers in New Bedford from Valtran is a completely different experience. Our team delivers the residential portable storage to your location and sets it up for you. You take your time loading your belongings inside – go at your own pace. You can either leave the mobile storage containers on-site during storage, which is sometimes preferred during renovation or remodeling work so you can have immediate access to your things, or we can move the container storage unit to a different location. Either way, you only load once and unload once. You do not have to rent a truck and you do not have to pay for gas. Valtran does all of the heavy lifting and transportation work of the unit, leaving you more time to do all of the other things you need to do to get the job done.

How to Get New Bedford Residential Containers
If you are interested in renting mobile storage containers in New Bedford, Massachusetts or anywhere else in the northeastern region, contact Valtran. Our team of friendly, helpful and experienced customer service agents can help you choose the the right size and type of unit for your moving or temporary storage situation and can schedule delivery and pick-up right over the phone. Our mobile storage containers are made of quality, heavy-duty steel, giving you all of the protection you need to keep your things safe during storage. Call Valtran today for delivery service to anywhere in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York.