Improve Document Retention: RI Commercial Storage Solutions

document-retention-providenceIn the state of Rhode Island, as with pretty much anywhere in the United States of America, document retention for commercial business owners is just one of those things that has to be dealt with in order to stay on top of paper records. While it is possible now to have those documents and old records scanned into digital copies, it can cost thousands of dollars each year to have it done. While it is also possible to purchase digital scanners and do it yourself in-house, it can also cost thousands of dollars in man hours to have your employees do this task for you.

It is easier all around to just hang on to the paper documents that are required for taxes, accounting and other purposes. Unfortunately, even just a year’s worth of paper documents can ultimately mean a wall full of filing cabinets and way too much valuable space being taken up inside your office or stockroom. The easiest and most affordable way to stay on top of document retention for commercial business owners that would allow you to hang onto not just this year’s records and documents, but records going back a year, two years or more, is to take a look at business storage containers in Providence.

Mobile Storage Containers
For most business owners, commercial storage solutions just might be the only affordable and logistical way to stay on top of document retention. When you get a storage container for rent in Providence to use at any of your Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey or New York locations, you can easily hold a year’s worth of documentation on-site where you can access them without having to clutter up your office.

Mobile storage containers are typically made from a solid, durable, secure steel construction and are used by commercial businesses, retailers and even construction site owners to safeguard and protect important items, such as merchandise, tools, materials and contracts, customer files or other documentation. These commercial storage solutions are kept on-site behind or next to your facility, providing you with easy access to your belongings, should you ever need to pull a file or find proof of a sale.

One of the biggest advantages to using on-site storage is that you are completely in control. Unlike an off-site storage facility where you have no say over how your space is secured, when you use business storage containers in Providence, you are in-charge. Security is easily controlled by you on-site, through the use of a heavy duty lock and, if it is required, additional measures, such as drive-by security services, 24/7 security employees, video monitoring or temporary commercial fencing to secure the perimeter around the mobile storage containers.

How to Use Storage Containers for Business
While pretty much anyone can use mobile storage containers to secure their belongings – they are available to residential, commercial, corporate and industrial customers – there is some strategy to using them best to your advantage. Here are some of the best ideas on how to accomplish this task without compromising essential document retention practices using the most cost-effective and manageable solution.

  • Step One – Rent Business Storage Containers in Providence
    Contact Valtran, a trusted name in commercial storage solutions in the greater New England region for over ten years, to provide you with a storage container for rent in Providence that can stand keep your important documents safe. The solid steel construction of our mobile storage containers helps to protect your belongings in high winds, winter snow storms, heavy rains and anything else nature can throw at them. You can count on Valtran to deliver and set-up our commercial storage solutions whenever and wherever you need them most.
  • Step Two – Organization Inside Your Storage Units
    There are a couple of ways that you can use commercial storage solutions like these to your advantage. When Valtran delivers your mobile storage containers, take the time to assess the amount of space that you have and decide how it can be best used. Some companies will simply move file cabinets from inside the business outside to the storage containers to retain their current filing system for easy and convenient access to documentation. Other companies prefer to box up their documents according to patient name, date or some other important method of categorization. Use metal stocking shelves inside of your mobile storage unit to organize your boxed records, using the preferred method that you have chosen.
  • Step Three – Decide Where to Keep Your Storage Containers
    The next step, once you have loaded up your business storage containers in Providence, is to decide where it will be stored. You have a couple of options to consider. One, you could have the mobile storage containers moved to your corporate headquarters for long-term storage of your important documents. Two, you could have the storage unit moved to another location for off-site storage. Three, and this is the most popular option among business owners, you could keep the commercial storage container on-site behind or next to your business for easy access, the ability to add more documents as they are created or collected and the convenience of having it all within reach.

How to Get a Storage Container for Rent in Rhode Island
When you decide that it’s time to explore commercial storage solutions right here in Rhode Island or anywhere else in the northeastern region, contact Valtran. Our team will deliver your mobile storage containers to your work site and set them up according to your specifications. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles. If you aren’t sure how much storage space or what type of storage container for rent in Providence would work best in your particular situation, call our team of friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents for a FREE estimate and storage rental advice. Stay on top of your document retention with commercial storage solutions from Valtran!