In Case of Emergency: Providence Barricade Fencing Rentals

emergency-fencingFollowing major storms and disasters that have plagued the United States in recent years, more and more cities and other municipalities are turning to emergency and disaster preparation tools to help them be prepared in case they need to provide services to their citizens. One of the best tools to help cities to provide safety, security and control over the situation is professional quality commercial fencing.

Security fence in Providence and other surrounding areas can be used to protect property and also to keep the public out of the way of harmful or hazardous areas. Local law enforcement, code enforcement, utility companies and area disaster relief organizations all work together to make sure that dangerous areas are fenced off using a local supply of Providence barricade fencing and other safety solutions to prevent accidents from happening.

What Type of Disasters and Emergencies Should Be Considered?
It can be difficult to know what to prepare for when you think about disaster and emergency preparation. There are lots of doomsday prepper websites out there now that suggest average citizens should stockpile food, ammunition, water and other goods in case a man-made or weather related emergency would occur, but how much supplies will you need to care for yourself, your family and any neighbors?

The best way to think about how much you need is to consider why you might need it. Some of the types of disasters and emergencies that we should prepare for in the northeastern states are different than the types of man-made and weather related disasters that people might prepare for in other areas of the country. Earthquakes out in California and tornadoes in the mid west are a given, but it can really pay to prepare for just about any eventuality, especially when tornadoes or waterspouts have been spotted in New England and earthquakes can happen pretty much anywhere.

Some of the types of disasters and emergencies you should prepare for include:

  • winter snow storms
  • ice storms
  • electrical storms
  • flooding
  • hurricanes
  • the infamous Nor’easter
  • power grid issues
  • solar flares
  • electromagnetic pulse attacks
  • fires
  • vandalism
  • acts of terrorism
  • riots and other acts of violence

How Security Fence in Providence Can Help
There are many different ways that commercial fencing can be used in the event of a disaster or other type of emergency. Rental fence can be used to establish a perimeter around a home or neighborhood to keep thieves and vandals out. Security fence in Providence can be used by local law enforcement and other area authorities to keep citizens away from buildings that are damaged or collapsing, trees that have fallen, ice that has gotten thin and is cracking, flooded areas – anywhere that unsuspecting people could become injured as a result of the disaster or emergency situation.

Valtran provides a wide range of Providence barricade fencing to clients for residential, commercial, industrial, construction and event use. Our team of installation professionals will come out to your property or municipal area to install your rental fence according to your specifications. With several locations throughout the New England area and our headquarters in nearby New Bedford, Massachusetts, most deliveries can be scheduled fairly quickly after speaking with one of our customer service agents.

What Accessories Can Be Added to Rental Fence?
There are a number of different accessories and extras that can be added to security fence in Providence if it is needed. Screening is used to provide a bit of privacy from prying eyes on the outside. This is a great tool to use to keep your belongings out of sight of potential thieves or vandals. Studies show that unauthorized persons are less likely to enter a commercial fencing area if they cannot see in through the fence itself.

Another accessory is gates. Pedestrian gates and drive-thru gates can be used to allow access into a rental fence area. If you need gates for your commercial fencing or Providence barricade fencing, make sure to speak with our customer service agents when you place your order. They can help you figure out how many gates you need and what type will be required in order to provide proper and secure access to the area that you are protecting.

The final accessory that is sometimes required in cases of disaster or emergency situations is barbed wire. A topper can be added to the top of the chain link fence panels or security fence in Providence to prevent unauthorized persons from climbing over the fence and getting into the protected area inside. Check with a representative for availability or to find out more about adding a barbed wire topper to your Providence barricade fencing.

Where to Get Rental Fence in Providence
Contact Valtran direct by calling 1-800-813-2188 to find out more about our security fence in Providence or to schedule delivery and set up of our commercial fencing. For cities and municipalities that want to prepare for emergency or disaster events, speak with our representatives for special offerings with regard to rental fence for these situations. In addition to commercial fencing, we also provide mobile office trailers and portable container storage, which can also be advantageous in a disaster or emergency situation.