Job Fair: Get a Temporary Hiring Office Trailer in Wareham

job-fair-warehamIf you have ever gone to a local job fair, you know that it is a great way for companies to meet with a large group of prospective employees, allowing them to expand and improve their hiring options. Holding a company job fair or participating in a larger community job fair can be very beneficial. The best way to meet with prospective employees and really get a chance to evaluate their resumes and experience is to rent a temporary hiring office trailer. In Wareham, mobile office trailer rentals are used in a number of different ways, but when it comes to providing extra space to use as a hiring office, office trailers can be extremely beneficial.

Tips for Hosting a Job Fair
If you have never hosted or participated in a job fair before, the idea of planning it all can be quite overwhelming. Another use for office trailers at a major job fair would be for the headquarters or planning office for the event. While some fairs are held indoors at local convention centers, it can be in your best interest to host your job fair outdoors in a central location to attract more applicants. Below is a top list of some of the things you must do in order to have a successful job fair event.

  • Save the Space – Make sure to reserve the space that you will be using to host your job fair or hiring event. Large or small, make sure to reserve space as early as possible to ensure that you will be able to secure it for your special event. Find out about using a job site office trailer at the event, make sure there is enough space for all of the businesses that will be participating and that there is ample parking for applicants.
  • Get Help – Hire enough of your current employees on staff to man your temporary hiring office trailer or to run the office trailers used for the job fair headquarters. You will need people to greet applicants as they arrive, tell them where to go to visit specific business booths or office trailers and get them on their way.
  • Make Signs – If you are having a large job fair, using signs or a site map of the event can be helpful in guiding applicants to the booths or local Wareham mobile office trailer they are looking for when they arrive. This will help you reduce the number of staff required to help and assist the attendees.
  • Have a List – Consider making a list of all of the open jobs available. This is productive for both organizers of job fairs as an overall service to attendees, as well as to individual companies, so applicants can know what is available and what positions you are currently looking to fill. You can make copies and hand them out as part of the welcome package or keep copies of the listings at each temporary hiring office trailer.
  • Stay Organized – As the resumes and applications come in, make sure to keep them organized. Create a system for yourself based on the interviews you have with each applicant. Sorting by “maybe”, “yes” and “no” can save you a lot of time when you go back through them later. Make notes whenever possible, being as complete with the information gathered as you can.

How to Get People to Your Job Fair
The best way to get people to come to your job fair or hiring event is to get some publicity. Make posts online via your company website, social media and online job boards. Include as many details as possible, including the venue, time of the event and the companies that will be attending. Consider sending a press release to your local newspaper or a larger regional paper to increase your reach. Hiring fairs always make the news, so chances are you won’t have to buy ad space.

Networking within the industry or local community can also be a great way to get the word out about your event. Referrals are another way to elicit word of mouth recommendations. Provide a finders fee to employees and colleagues who refer qualified applicants to your job fair. Make sure they know what you are looking for and the types of jobs that will be available so they can send over the best people for the job.

Where to Find Wareham Mobile Office Trailer Rentals
If you do not have access to office trailers for this purpose, you can rent a temporary hiring office trailer in Wareham or the surrounding area from Valtran. Valtran services a wide range of clients throughout the New England area, providing quality job site office trailer and container storage rentals to commercial and corporate organizations. Contact Valtran today to find out about availability in Wareham for mobile office trailer rentals to ensure that one is available when you need it.