Medical Administration: Mobile Office Rentals in Fall River

medical-admin-officesThe healthcare field is growing at a very rapid rate, making it difficult for local medical facilities to keep up the pace. When a debate occurs over having enough space to take care of patients versus having space on-site for medical administrative offices and staff, the patients and quality of care that can be provided will always win out.

To make room for more exam rooms and treatment areas, many hospitals, medical clinics and offices are using mobile office trailers to house their administrative staff, computers, patient files and other important documents. When portable offices are needed to make room in the medical field, you can trust Valtran to provide you with quality mobile office rentals in Fall River, Massachusetts and all throughout the northeastern region.

Flexible Rentals – When and Where You Need It Most
Some work trailer rentals are for a predetermined length of time, while others may be truly temporary and only needed for a period of days, weeks or months. Valtran provides rental of mobile office trailers without requiring a contract, leaving hospital and medical clinic administrators to be more flexible with the amount of time that the portable offices are on-site, and how long they need to pay for them.

Our team of experienced delivery crew members can deliver, set up, move and remove our mobile office rentals in Fall River, according to your needs and specifications. So if you need portable offices at your Fall River location for a month and then need them to be moved to a new location in New Bedford, Boston or Providence, we can take care of it for you.

All you need to provide is a flat, level surface for our work trailer rentals to be set up, such as concrete, asphalt or pavers, a back loading dock area or even a flat, compacted plot of dirt or grass somewhere on the property. If you aren’t sure where to place your mobile office trailers, when you call Valtran speak with our friendly customer service agents. They have worked with many other clients in the medical profession and may have some suggestions for you on where to have our trailers set up for easy use and access.

Space and Storage – All in One
Another common request from our clients in the medical field is for storage. Despite the fact that many hospitals and clinics are going digital with their records, many doctors and locations still prefer to hang onto hard copies of patient records, test results, X-rays and scans. Large filing cabinets can be easily loaded into our portable offices for use by your administrative staff or just for storage.

Valtran has two different types of mobile office trailers for rent, lease or purchase. The first is a basic office space with a door, windows and room for your staff to work. The second is an office and storage combination unit, that features all of the benefits of our work trailer rentals combined with a portable storage unit. This can be a great feature for medical offices that need space for filing cabinets and a separate space for administrative duties.

We currently offer standard mobile office trailers for rent, lease or sale in the following sizes:

  • 8 x 24 single office trailer
  • 8 x 32 double office trailer
  • 8 x 32 office storage combination trailer

No More Waiting for Space
Rather than spend weeks waiting for a modular unit or months waiting for new offices to be built, mobile office rentals in Fall River can help you get the space you need for your medical portable offices now. Call Valtran at 1-800-813-2188 for a FREE estimate or to set up delivery for one of our mobile office trailers. You can have the space that you need to keep your medical practice, hospital or clinic administrative offices up and running so you can focus on providing quality healthcare to your patients.

Just give us a call to find out more about our portable offices, temporary storage containers and even construction-quality temporary fence rentals available to our clients. Whatever your needs, regardless of the location, type or lack of security, budget and specific requirements, Valtran can help. Contact us today and find out why more medical practices, offices, construction companies, educational campuses and other local industries trust Valtran than any other equipment provider.