Mobile Mini Storage in Wareham, MA for Homeowner Emergencies

homeowner-emergenciesThere are certain situations in life that force homeowners to have to take all of their belongings and put them into storage. Severe weather, natural disasters, fires, roof collapses, flooding – the list goes on and on. If you experience a homeowner emergency and need to put your furniture and other personal effects into temporary storage solutions, your best bet is to get portable storage containers for rent.

Homeowners storage rentals like these help you to quickly and safely pack up and store your belongings as long as you need them to be safeguarded. Whether your home needs to be repaired, renovated or rebuilt, you will need to take whatever items you are able to recover and store them until you are ready to move back in to your home. Mobile mini storage in Wareham is affordable, easy to use and flexible enough to give you the amount of time you need without tying you to a long-term rental contract.

Why Use Temporary Storage Solutions
There are many benefits to using storage containers for rent when you experience a homeowner emergency. There’s a real difference between using a self-storage facility and renting temporary storage solutions from Valtran. Once you see the advantages to using mobile mini storage units, you will wonder why you never used them before.

  • Easy to Use – When you call to rent a storage container from Valtran, we will deliver it to your home and leave it for you to pack on your own schedule. Take as little or as much time as you need. Call our customer service agents and we will come pick up your mobile mini storage in Wareham or wherever you are located and move it to the destination of your choice. We serve customers throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York.
  • Affordable – Compared to using a self-storage unit, temporary storage solutions are much more cost-effective. Because Valtran delivers and moves your homeowners storage rentals for you, you won’t have to spend time or money using a moving van to cart your things back and forth across town. Just load it up, call us and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Flexible – When disaster strikes, the last thing you need is to be bogged down with a long-term contract. It’s hard to estimate how long it might take to repair or rebuild your home following a natural disaster or other type of event, so getting trapped into a six month or year-long contract can be an unnecessary expense. And because Valtran drops off your storage containers for rent, moves them, brings them back and then removes it once your work is complete, you don’t have to do a thing.
  • Safe & Secure – Our homeowners storage rentals are made from sturdy steel construction that is designed to protect your belongings from rain, sun, snow, ice or any other type of weather exposure, keeping your things safe until you are ready to use them again. When you lock up your belongings in one of our homeowners storage rentals, you can feel confident in knowing that you are the only one that has access to your stuff. You decide where your temporary storage solutions are stored while your things are packed inside, so you can determine how much security is required to safeguard your possessions.
  • Fast – While more time is always preferred, we understand that weather-related situations can happen at a moment’s notice. Valtran has the ability to deliver our temporary storage solutions within 24-hours to help you get the things out of your home that need safeguarding so you can begin to move on and get your life back on track. Just give us a call to get a FREE estimate and to find out more about how our services work. We will help walk you through it every step of the way.

Other Uses for Mobile Mini Storage in Wareham
Homeowners aren’t the only ones who use temporary storage solutions in times of natural disaster or other weather-related emergencies. Social service agencies, governments and area businesses also use our storage containers for rent to protect and take care of possessions that are recovered following a disaster. They are also used to safely transport medical supplies, water and food to areas that have been impacted by these situations to provide aid for those who need it.

Businesses use these temporary storage solutions to safeguard equipment, computers, customer files, furniture and other items that are important to the work that they do. The solid steel construction of our storage containers for rent means that once you load your belongings inside, they will be safe and protected, withstanding heavy rains and winds up to 100 miles per hour. This knowledge is particularly helpful to business owners and homeowners who are concerned about continued storms or issues in the area following the initial disaster.

Where to Get Homeowners Storage Rentals in Massachusetts
Valtran has a headquarters office located in New Bedford, along with several other offices scattered throughout the state. They also provide delivery, set up and pick-up services to clients throughout New England, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey and New York, covering most of the northeastern region. Give Valtran a call to find out more about our temporary storage solutions, which can also be used to help assist homeowners in a move, remodeling project or renovation outside of an emergency situation. Contact our office direct for a FREE estimate or to ask questions about our services.