Mobile Office Solutions in Boston: Portable Office for Rent

mobile-office-solutions-bostonWhether you operate your business directly in the City of Boston, or if you are looking to expand your demographic to include clients within the area, mobile office units are a great way to get all of the short term, long term, permanent or temporary office space that you need to effectively run your operation. Valtran can provide your company with a portable office for rent that will meet all of your space needs, feature specifications and budget requirements. Choose from three unique sizes and types of mobile office solutions in Boston, designed to help you maximize your potential, while providing you with all of the space and storage that you require.

How Are Mobile Office Units Used in Business?
Business owners throughout the New England region use office trailers and other mobile units in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most common use of mobile office solutions in Boston are at construction or remodeling job sites. They can provide much-needed office space for companies during the construction or remodeling process and are a great means of providing work space for construction crews, architects and designers as well.

Other uses of a portable office for rent include:

  • project management offices
  • on-site work space and meeting areas for supervisors and crews
  • sales offices
  • business offices
  • management offices for real estate companies
  • property management offices for in-construction properties
  • administrative office trailers for accounting purposes
  • special event mobile office units
  • hiring stations for new or “coming soon” businesses
  • additional mobile office space for seasonal expansion during special promotions

Our mobile office solutions in Boston give businesses the extra space that they need to plan and run projects, go over business plans and meet with employees throughout the term of the rental or lease. Our office trailers come in a variety of sizes and can include a number of featured add-ons to create a portable office for rent that suits your specific needs. Separate office space for managers, a row of workstations for accounting personnel, lounge area for workers to come in out of the weather – whatever your needs, Valtran can deliver.

Quick and Easy Set-Up Available
Our team of delivery and installation experts can help you get your mobile office units up and running in no time. Add-on features can help you to have all of the extras you need ready to go from the very first day. Our team can also help you to relocate our office trailers as your needs change throughout the term of the rental contract, so if you need to move to a new job site or move to the other side of the property, just contact Valtran – we’re here to help!

To make sure you have enough room for one of our mobile office units, make sure to measure the space available. Even properties where there is limited space can usually find room for one of our office trailers. Our standard size unit is 8 feet in width and 24 feet in length. It can usually be parked on a concrete or asphalt parking lot, but it can also be set-up on a dirt field or area, as long as the ground has been compacted and is stable.

If you also need storage space while on the job site, ask about our combination units that combine a mobile office and container storage in one unit. Available in an 8 foot by 32 foot unit, this combination mobile office unit is the best of both worlds. It is very popular and is one of our top renting mobile office solutions in Boston. Ask our customer service team about rates and availability.

Why Choose Valtran for Mobile Office Units?
With over ten years of experience working with a wide variety of different industries and business types in the New England area, Valtran has all of the quality equipment rentals that you need to set up your job site, temporary office set-up or other type of mobile office units. We can deliver and set up office trailers for you, relocate them during the rental period as-needed and then pick them up from the job site, according to your schedule.

Reliable, trust-worthy services are provided to our clients all over the northeastern region, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Our team of customer service agents and installation specialists will help you select one of our mobile office solutions in Boston that will help you get the job done. At Valtran no contracts are required. Rent for weeks or months at a time on your schedule. Ask our customer service team for details regarding our no-hassle rental, lease and purchasing options.

In addition to offering quality portable offices for rent, Valtran also features a full line of multi-sized portable storage containers that can be used for commercial, construction, residential and industrial needs. We also provide quality temporary fencing that can be delivered to your job site and installed or set up with our no-dig installation, whenever and wherever you need it.