Mobile Storage Containers: The Best Storage Solution for New Bedford Area Home Remodeling Projects

New Bedford Home RemodelingThere’s nothing quite like a home remodeling project to make you aware of just how much furniture, accessories and storage items you have accumulated in your house. When it comes time to remodel your kitchen, living room or do a complete renovation on your entire home, it is important to make sure that you have a storage plan for your personal belongings and furniture.

Mini Mobile Storage Solutions for Homeowners

Mobile storage containers are an excellent solution that will help you to protect your valuables and personal items without requiring you to make dozens of trips back-and-forth to a local self-storage facility. There are other advantages as well, but the most obvious is being able to keep your things dust-free and safe from paints, over-zealous contractors, chemical spills and other damaging situations.

Between the dust, sawdust and glue alone, your furniture and other valuables could all potentially be at-risk. Storage containers can help to protect your things from harm and keep them ready and waiting to be put back in place once the remodeling and renovation work is done. Contacting a mini mobile storage company located in New Bedford that can provide mobile storage containers to be delivered on-site to your home is the best way to store your belongings during any type of remodeling work.

How It Works

Valtran, Inc. will deliver mobile storage containers directly to your property where it will stay throughout your residential remodeling project. These storage containers are made out of steel and can be secured with a lock to protect your valuable items. Just load everything in like you would a moving truck, taking care to place important items that you might want to access during the remodeling project at the front for easy access.

Our delivery team will set up the mini mobile storage unit and give you all of the information you’ll need to make the most out of this storage opportunity. Once your home remodeling or renovation project is completed and you are ready to move your items back indoors, just unpack it and make a call to customer service when you are ready to have your mobile storage containers picked up and removed from your property.

The Benefits of Using Mobile Storage Containers

There are many different reasons why homeowners in New Bedford would want to use mini mobile storage solutions during a remodeling or home renovation project. We have already discussed a few, but check out this list of top reasons why mobile storage containers are beneficial to homeowners:

#1 – Safekeeping

Mobile storage containers help to keep your belongings clean and protected from dust and dirt. You also won’t have to worry about anything getting broken while the contractors are in your home or for things to get lost in the shuffle when items get moved from room-to-room during the renovation.

#2 – Convenience

It is more convenient to store your personal belongings in a mini mobile storage than it is to either deal with the piled up clutter in the rooms of your home that aren’t being remodeled. You also won’t have to search through piles of boxes just to find the stuff that you need to use each and every day.

#3 – Contract-Free

When you put your things into storage at a traditional self-storage facility, you are usually required to sign a long-term commitment, either a 6-month or 12-month contract. Mobile storage containers are designed to be used as-needed by homeowners and contractors, so no contract is required. You only pay to rent storage containers as long as you need them.

#4 – Ease-of-Use

Mini mobile storage units are very easy to use. Valtran will deliver your storage containers directly to your New Bedford home so you can easily move your items in for storage during your home remodeling project. Choose from a number of different sizes to make sure you have room for everything you need to be stored.

#5 – Budget-Friendly

Because you only pay to use mobile storage containers from the time it is delivered until the time it is picked up, there are no additional fees incurred for reserving a mini mobile storage unit or for additional days, weeks or months after your project is done. You also save on gas and a possible moving truck rental that would be required to move your furniture and other items to a self-storage facility.

#6 – Maximized Space

While mobile storage containers from Valtran come in a couple of different sizes to ensure that you have space for all of your belongings, they fit quite easily on-site for storage during your residential remodeling project. Our delivery team can place them in your driveway, on a side yard or in a parking space. This is extremely beneficial to homeowners that live in a condo complex or other assigned parking area, where placement may be restricted.

#7 – Availability

Mobile storage containers are available to homeowners, contractors, construction companies, commercial business owners and for many other uses in the South Coast area. While Valtran has locations all over New England for easy delivery to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey and New York, their main office is located right here in New Bedford, MA.

If you are planning on doing a residential remodel or renovation, contact Valtran or use our online contact form to reserve one of our mobile storage containers. Contractors and construction crews can recommend our services to clients to remove furniture and other items from the home for easier work. Call Valtran today to find out more about our mini mobile storage units and all the ways they can be used right here in New Bedford.