New Bedford Chain Link Fencing Protects Construction Workers

protect-construction-workersTemporary construction fence is one of the best tools available to help protect construction workers and crews while they work on a project. From residential remodeling and renovations to city road work and parking lot paving, regardless of the job at hand, a chain link fence rental is one of the best ways to provide safety and security for workers so they can stay focused and not have to worry about cars or pedestrians passing by the area. It also provides protection to the job site after hours or on weekends when the crew is not on-site.

How is Temporary Construction Fence Used?
The most common use for job site fencing in New England is as a perimeter for the project itself. The first thing your crew should do is to make sure that the surrounding area is protected. This prevents unauthorized persons from coming onto the job site, getting hurt by the materials or equipment and vandalizing or stealing property. Temporary construction fence can be used for commercial, corporate, residential, industrial and municipal construction projects, regardless of the size of the job. In fact, most states and cities have laws that require the use of fencing to protect citizens from common hazards found on construction sites.

Here are some examples of job site fencing in-action:

  • Used as barricade fencing to prevent cars from driving on a road, parking lot or property where work is being done.
  • Used as barricade fencing alongside of a road or driveway where work is being done to prevent unauthorized access or accidents caused by materials or equipment rolling out into the street.
  • Used as a perimeter marker to prevent and deter unauthorized persons from entering the property – great tool for security services and for protecting materials, office trailers, construction storage units and the project itself from damage or vandalism.
  • Used to protect specific items, such as large machinery or equipment, stacked materials and other valuable items from theft, vandalism or unauthorized use.

How Much Job Site Fencing Do You Need?
The best way to determine how much New Bedford chain link fencing will be required for your project is to measure the area that you want to protect. If you still aren’t sure how much temporary construction fence will be required in order to properly secure and safeguard the property, give Valtran a call. Our team of experienced installers and customer service agents will help you determine the best type of job site fencing for your needs and will even come out to the site, measure the area and provide you with a FREE estimate.

One of the benefits of using a company like Valtran is that there are no contracts or long-term leases required to rent our temporary construction fence. Rent job site fencing for a period of weeks, months or longer – however long that you need it to be used. If you want the job site fencing moved or relocated on the property as the size and scope of the project expands or contracts, give us a call and we will send out our team of chain link fence rental installers to take care of it for you. When you are done, just give us a call and we will come out to break down the fencing and carry it away.

How Does Chain Link Fence Rental Protect Workers?
It has been determined that job site fencing is one of the most helpful tools available in protecting workers from common construction site incidents. For example, with construction work that happens out on the road or in public places, there are many distracted drivers who could easily enter the construction zone and hit or hurt workers. That’s why it is important to use quality, durable and strong temporary construction fence that is installed properly by experienced professionals. Barricades, secure perimeters and other measures can all be used with both temp fence and semi-permanent installed fencing, depending on your needs. While chain link fence rental might not completely stop a speeding car in its tracks, it can certainly slow it down, make noise and give workers a warning to get out of the way.

More protection comes in the use of temporary construction fence after hours when the crew is not on-site. Even with security staff and drive-by security services, job site fencing works to keep unauthorized persons away from valuable materials, tools, machinery and equipment that could be damaged, vandalized and/or broken either maliciously or by accident. Damaged equipment, moved materials and vandalized projects can result in injury and other accidents that could affect crews when they come back to work, not knowing that someone has messed with the project. Having New Bedford chain link fencing in place can give you the peace of mind in knowing that your project has been secured overnight or over the weekend.

Where Can I Get New Bedford Chain Link Fencing?
The best place to get chain link fence rental in the New Bedford, Massachusetts area is through Valtran. Our headquarters is located right here in New Bedford, so we are able to provide quick delivery and set-up of our job site fencing to your project, giving you a wide variety of options with regard to temporary construction fence sizes and styles. We also have offices throughout Massachusetts and provide delivery and set-up services throughout New England, including Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Give Valtran a call today and get a FREE estimate on the job site fencing for your next project. Ask about our office trailer rentals and construction storage units too for even more job site protection opportunities.