New Bedford Construction Managers: Why a Storage Container is the Best Choice for Safeguarding Construction Materials

New Bedford Construction SiteWhen it comes to storing construction materials on a job site, it is important to make sure that you have a safe, secure storage option, such as mobile storage containers, available to protect your investment. Even if you place temporary fencing around the perimeter of the job site and hire a security guard to watch the property, you will still need a secure place to store your construction materials that will protect them from weather damage, theft and debris from the construction site. This is true whether you are building a home from the ground up or if you are doing a basic renovation or remodel on an existing home.

On-Site Storage vs. Off-Site Storage

When construction materials are ordered in advance and need to be placed in storage containers for the duration of the construction project, contractors have two options to consider. Off-site storage would be any type of storage situation, whether in a warehouse or a self-storage facility, that is not physically on the property of the construction or renovation project itself. On-site storage would obviously be a storage situation that is physically on-site, such as mini mobile storage units or larger storage containers, where the construction work is being completed.

There are many advantages to using on-site storage containers versus off-site storage options. The first and most obvious would be easy access to those materials as you need them to complete the build. Another would be the ability to physically view, inspect and check-on those materials throughout the project to ensure that they are being safely kept without having to visit an off-site storage facility.

Long Lead Items

In the construction industry, items that are purchased ahead of time for a project that won’t be used until the work is nearly completed are known as “long lead” items. What this means is that you purchased the items at the beginning of the job, either to get a discount for a bulk purchase or to make sure you have everything ready when you need it, but you won’t be required to install them for weeks or maybe even months in the future. These items could include things like granite counter tops, bathroom fixtures, wood flooring or tile. They should be stored safely in on-site storage containers to prevent damage.

The Benefits of Mobile Storage Containers

Mobile storage containers are also advantageous to contractors because they are delivered and set-up by the storage container rental company and are picked up once the items are removed and the container isn’t needed any longer. This helps to reduce costs associated with long-term contract requirements from off-site storage facilities and the cost to move your construction materials back and forth from storage to the job site.

The security of on-site storage via mobile storage containers, is much more in your control than if the items were stored off-site in a rented storage facility. When you use an off-site facility that is not under your control to store items that you have already purchased and are therefore responsible for if anything happens to them, you increase your risk. This also includes anything that might happen to your construction materials, such as getting stolen, lost, destroyed or damaged even during transport.

Custom Items

Another type of materials that would need to be stored are any items that you would need to purchase in advance so that the measurements for the rest of the project could be confirmed or set. These types of items could include custom doors and windows, cabinets or HVAC equipment. It is important to protect your investments and prevent damage or loss by placing them in secure storage containers. On-site options, such as mini mobile storage or larger mobile storage containers are the best choice for making sure everything is easily accessible.

Where to Get Mobile Storage Containers in New Bedford

Contractors and construction companies that are looking to rent mobile storage containers and other on-site mini-mobile storage units don’t need to look any further than Valtran, Inc., which is based out of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Valtran has several locations in Boston and throughout the South Coast region, but the home office is right here in New Bedford.

Valtran delivers storage containers to job sites for residential, commercial and industrial projects all over New England, including New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. Call Valtran direct or use our online contact form to get a quote on one of our mobile storage containers.