Onsite Storage Solutions and Ideas for New Bedford Job Sites

onsite-storage-solutionsThere are a lot of reasons why construction sites lose money during a project. The money that is lost comes directly out of the profit that could be made to help increase the business. In some cases, the loss can result in a hardship – companies are forced to cut back on expenses, workers lose jobs – it’s a lose-lose situation for everyone involved.

Some of the most common reasons why companies are losing money include low productivity, workplace accidents and injuries, lost tools, theft and damaged materials. All of these issues can be positively addressed with one single solution. The thing is, many construction company owners aren’t aware of all the benefits associated with using a construction storage container rental and how it can help them to improve and increase their business as a whole.

Step One: Organization
The first part of the equation that can help construction companies to prevent loss and increase profits is to use a New Bedford construction storage unit to aid in organization efforts. A well-organized job site is important, whether you are building a skyscraper in Boston or a mini-mall in Fall River. The point is to have a central location where all tools, parts, materials and other essential items are stored. Onsite storage solutions from Valtran can help in this area, providing companies with 10, 20 and 40 foot rectangular container storage and office trailer/storage combination solutions.

Use your construction storage container rental to keep expensive materials, such as copper pipes and wiring or appliances for a home remodeling project. Add metal shelving units to aid in organization, placing smaller items on labelled shelves for easy location and help in keeping things in order at the end of the day. Consider getting tool storage containers for each worker or encourage workers to get lock boxes for their own tools. These boxes can then be stored inside your larger storage construction unit after hours for added security.

Step Two: Accountability
When materials are delivered or brought to the job site, have vendors and employees bring them to your New Bedford construction storage unit. Scan items in using a barcode scanner system or keep track “old school” style via a clipboard. Knowing what materials and parts are in “stock” within your onsite storage solutions is a great way to stay accountable for the investments that you make in the projects at each job site and for you to keep track of what should be stored within the container.

Designate one or two employees to be in charge of the construction storage container rental. They will be charged with meeting vendors and other deliveries to mark down what has been received and put it inside the storage area for later use. Don’t allow other employees to handle these tasks outside of the one or two designated employees to ensure accountability. The same goes with taking out tools. Someone needs to be in charge of what goes out and what comes back in so tools, materials and equipment are monitored effectively.

Step Three: Training
If your work crew is trained properly to be organized and structured in the way that they do things, chances are issues regarding lost items, workplace injuries and theft will decrease considerably. Taking time to train your crew on the importance of keeping a neat job site, putting away tools and things that aren’t being used and checking in to make sure that everything has been put away at the end of the day is key to running a successful job site.

Have another employee do a job site check at the end of the day to make sure that tools, equipment, materials and other essential items are not just left out at the end of the day. Leaving expensive items out in plain view will encourage thieves to visit your job site and will make the job of your security staff that much harder. Eliminating the temptation is half the battle. Making sure that your work crew understands this and is trained to put things away and keep things neat will be advantageous to all.

Step Four: Safety
In addition to training your employees to be responsible, accountable, neat and organized, safety is a huge issue that needs to be addressed. Many of the safety issues that cause workplace injuries will be dealt with if your crew starts using your storage construction unit to put away materials, tools and equipment, but it is still important to have safety training sessions every now and again to remind workers about safety issues. Training should be specific to the type of work that you do and, when it makes sense, should address specific issues about the job site you are currently on, especially if it is a long term project.

Workplace injuries cost construction companies billions of dollars each year, causing productivity issues that can delay the finish date of a project, resulting in decreased profits overall. It’s not just the medical costs that can hurt the budget, but also the lost work that can’t be done by essential crew members who are out on an injury. Keeping the job site neat and tidy through the use of construction storage container rental units is beneficial in many ways – why wouldn’t you do everything you could to use storage construction to your advantage?

Where to Get New Bedford Construction Storage
The best place to go for construction storage in New Bedford, MA is Valtran. Our home office is located right here in Southeastern Massachusetts and we provide delivery, setup and removal services for our construction storage container rentals units throughout all of New England, as well as New Jersey and New York. Give us a call to find out about all of the storage options available or to get a FREE estimate for your next job. Let Valtran help you improve the way you run your job site with professional onsite storage solutions.