Pick the Right Container for Job Site Storage in Providence

right-container-storageIn the world of construction, the job site is one of the busiest, most hectic places that you will ever be. If you are not an organized person or do not have an organized job site, chances are there will be tools, materials and equipment all over the place. The best way to get on top of all that stuff is to start out each new project with a plan for organization. The best way to keep all of that stuff under control is to do what your mother told you as a child: find a place for everything and put everything in its place. This article will focus on how using job site storage in Providence – or wherever your job site happens to be – can help you to prevent injury, theft and other common workplace risks, while staying in control of your project.

The Dangers of Disorganization on the Job Site
When it comes to your job site, there are many reasons why disorganization can be dangerous. First and foremost, leaving tools, materials and equipment lying around can be a safety hazard. You, your crew, subcontractors, the client, the architect – anyone who comes onto the job site is essentially at-risk if you do not keep everything picked up and put away. Tripping, falling, getting cut, poked or hurt from discarded materials, improperly stowed tools and from things just lying around could cost you in a work-related injury – or worse.

Not putting things away in a construction storage container or using some other type of storage container solution also puts your things at-risk for being stolen. Construction sites are a common target of local thieves who would stand to make a considerable profit from stealing your tools, equipment and much of your materials or supplies on the job site. Many construction companies use steel-made shipping containers with heavy-duty locks on them to protect their tools and things from theft.

Protecting your investment from damage due to the elements is the third reason why disorganization on the job site is dangerous. While some construction materials are stored outside on a regular basis throughout the project, even right here in Rhode Island, there are some materials that can warp, crack, corrode or get really damaged if they are left outdoors. The sun, the rain, the snow, the ice – and that’s just a taste of the weather that we experience up here in New England. Keeping your valuable and important materials, parts and supplies safely stored in a construction storage container will protect them from the elements.

Individual Job Site Storage for Contractors and Workers
There are a couple of different ways to go when it comes to choosing the right type of storage container solutions for your particular job site. Small jobs that don’t require a lot of heavy tools, materials or equipment might be able to get away with just using a job tool storage box. This is a great means for sub-contractors to wheel their tools from the truck to the work area and back again without having to worry about going back-and-forth to the truck one hundred times a day or about leaving tools out in the open and unattended.

These tool boxes can also be used as a part of a bigger project, allowing workers to store their own tools in their own marked and labeled boxes, which can be then stored inside of rented or purchased shipping containers that are locked up tight each night after hours. For large crews that use their own tools, this is a great way to provide secure access without requiring everyone to haul their tools to the site each day. Some companies issue wheeled tool boxes to workers and then provide them with space inside the construction storage container to lock them up safely.

When purchasing job site storage container chests, tool boxes and cabinets, make sure that there are wheels for portability, enough storage space for tools, parts and other necessities that are used frequently on the job site to promote productivity and all the strength and security required to keep those items safe when in-use. Again, these tool boxes, cabinets and chests can be locked up inside of larger shipping containers for overnight, weekend and holiday storage, but daytime use will require a certain degree of protection and security.

Overall Storage for Large Projects and Companies
When it comes to choosing what type of job site storage in Providence is best for your company, it will usually come down to selecting what size, type and style of storage container will suit your needs. Companies like Valtran, that provide shipping containers for rent or sale throughout the northeastern states, have a couple of different options for construction companies to choose from when they need a storage container.

Some of the options available include:

  • 10, 20 and 40 foot shipping containers – long, standard, ground-level, steel construction and weather-proof solution
  • 20 and 40 foot long high cube shaped storage container, ground-level, steel construction and weather-proof solution
  • 28, 38 and 53 foot long trailer, dock-height, steel construction and weather-proof trailer-style storage solution

Make sure to choose a construction storage container solution that has all of the security features you require: a strong steel construction to prevent water or other weather-related issues from getting inside, heavy-duty security lock mechanism to prevent unauthorized access and quality equipment that looks great, performs well and is designed to last.

Where to Get Shipping Containers in Rhode Island
Valtran has been providing storage container rentals and sales to construction companies, contractors, corporations, commercial businesses and residential property owners for over ten years. We have built our reputation on providing top notch customer service and tough, reliable job site storage in Providence and beyond.

Valtran serves customers in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York, covering the entire northeastern/New England region. So wherever your job site, whatever you do, whenever you need a storage container – Valtran delivers!

Give us a call and speak with one of our friendly and helpful customer service agents. We can help you figure out how much storage you need and can schedule a delivery date that works with your schedule. When the job is done just give us a call and we will pick it back up again. If you want to keep using our shipping containers, let us know and we can even pick up your storage container from one job site and deliver it to the next.