Portable Offices for Sale: Unique Uses for Office Trailers

unique-uses-trailersWhile it might just seem that mobile office trailers are used simply as portable offices for construction companies, real estate agencies, leasing companies and other industry businesses that frequently use them as on-site temporary office solutions, there are lots of other ways that they are used. In addition to renting Fall River mobile offices, there are construction trailers for sale – both new and used – that can be purchased and turned into anything you want to use them for to advance your business. A few customizations here, a couple of personal touches there, and pretty soon your new portable office can be anything you want it to be.

What Are Mobile Office Trailers?

The best place to start is by defining what portable offices are and how they are traditionally used by commercial, industrial and construction businesses. Most of the mobile offices found in New England are made from strong, durable steel-construction shipping containers that are put onto trailers so they can be easily hauled from one location to another. They have doors, windows, ADA compliant ramps for public access and tons of unique add-ons to help make them perform just like a more stationary office.

Valtran currently offers standard mobile office trailers for rent, lease or sale in the following sizes:

  • 8 x 24 single office trailer
  • 8 x 32 double office trailer
  • 8 x 32 office storage combination trailer

Most often seen on construction sites, portable offices are a great way to set up a professional office at any job site or remote location where you need to be to conduct business, without having to build a permanent building or semi-permanent modular office building and have to tear it down when the project is complete. Mobile office trailers save time, save money and provide businesses with a way to boost productivity, managerial abilities and create a meeting place for vendors, clients, sub-contractors and employees at the location of the project or business at hand.

Different Ways Portable Offices Can Be Used

In addition to being an office space, these Fall River mobile offices have been used nationwide in other ways, providing space for companies to do business or for work to get done. They are an instant source of shelter, an immediate means of providing meeting space and because of all these advantages, many businesses are purchasing construction trailers for sale and are using them in new and unique ways that were not originally considered when they were first used at job sites around the country.

  • CLASSROOMS – Many of these construction trailers for sale end up being extra classroom space or other types of educational space for grade schools, high schools and college campuses. A lot of educational programs are expanding in class size and student registration at a much faster pace than anticipated. Other issues that can cause schools to use portable offices for classrooms is renovations or remodeling projects happening on campus that require additional space while the work is being done. In addition, extra office space is also part of the package, providing professors with space to keep desks, papers, computers and other important tools.
  • PRISONS – Yes, believe it or not, some of these construction trailers for sale are actually being used in corrections. Some are being used to provide additional office space for law enforcement agents, however many other portable offices and storage containers are being used to provide extra beds for overcrowded city or county jails. Some states are even considering using them to house low-level state inmates due to their durability and ability to be easily customized for their needs.
  • SEASONAL/EVENT SALES – Another place where mobile office trailers are often used include special events or seasonal sales. Pumpkin patches and Christmas tree lots seem to spring up overnight across America, with most being supported by mobile office trailers that double as a storage for essential equipment, an office space for the sales staff or ownership and as a place to conduct meetings or other private business. Beyond holiday sales, special events, such as festivals, fairs, concerts, etc. are also great places to use Fall River mobile offices.
  • TEMPORARY HOUSING – One use that many may not be aware of is as temporary housing. In most cases, mobile office trailers as temporary housing is usually in the case of disaster, such as following Hurricane Sandy, which affected many thousands right here in New England. Down in New Orleans, FEMA set up portable offices as medical units, distribution centers, government offices and as temporary housing for those affected by Katrina. Other areas where tornadoes and other natural disasters can strike, frequently use portable office trailers for temporary housing for those who have lost their homes.

Where to Find Construction Trailers for Sale in New England

If you are looking to rent, lease or purchase mobile office trailers for use in New England, New Jersey or New York, look no further than Valtran. We have over ten years of experience providing portable offices and construction trailers for sale right here in Southeastern Massachusetts and all throughout the region. Check out one of our Fall River mobile offices to see if they would be right for you, or contact our customer service agents for tips and ideas on how our mobile office trailers can be used to your advantage. Call today at 1-800-813-2188.