Pros & Cons of Using Portable Residential Storage in Boston

pros-and-consWhen it comes to finding solution for residential storage in a big city like Boston, it is important to think about space, affordability and ease of use. If you are running out of room at your house for all of the things that you don’t necessarily use on a daily basis, but still want to hang onto, then portable storage containers just might be the best solution. There are a lot of off-site storage solutions, but more and more homeowners and renters in big cities are turning to portable residential storage, such as Boston temporary storage units, for short-term and long-term storage options. This article will focus on the reasons why people use residential storage units, as well as the pros and cons of choosing to use portable storage containers to store and safeguard your belongings.

Why Do People in Boston Use Temporary Storage?
Portable residential storage is growing in popularity. Just drive through a residential neighborhood and you are likely to see portable storage containers parked in driveways, on the street in front of a house or situated on a side yard of someone’s home. In Boston, temporary storage units are used for a number of different reasons, providing temporary, semi-permanent and permanent storage solutions for homeowners and renters alike.

Here are some of the top reasons why residential storage units are used:

  • temporary storage for furniture and other personal items during remodeling or renovation work on the home
  • intermediate storage for furniture and other items as the homeowner prepares for a big move outside of the area or to another local property
  • semi-permanent storage of belongings to aid in “staging” a home for sale, helping the homeowner to remove some items in an attempt to make the property look bigger
  • permanent or seasonal storage of items needed but not used all the time, such as snow blowers in the summer and recreational gear for the beach in the winter

The reasons why homeowners use Boston temporary storage units are as varied and unique as the people who rent or lease them. In some cases, portable storage containers are even purchased for long-term or permanent use by residential, commercial and industrial. In fact, some contractors will purchase new or used residential storage units and bring them on-site to store their clients’ furniture and belongings for them during a remodel. There are many uses for portable residential storage – both personal and professional.

The Advantages of Using Residential Storage Units (Pros)
Whenever you are about to invest in something, whether it is a purchase or a rental, it can be helpful to make a pros and cons list of the advantages and potential concerns associated with the investment. Renting portable storage containers is no different. It can be important to weight the pros and cons when deciding whether or not putting your item into Boston temporary storage units is a good idea – or not.

Some of the advantages associated with portable storage containers include:

  • wind resistant – can stand up to high winds
  • airtight and waterproof – designed to protect your things from inclement weather
  • animal proof – will keep rodents and other creatures out of your stuff
  • flexibility – residential storage units can be customized with shelving and other options and come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10 to 40 feet in length
  • easy to maintain – just hose it off, wash it out and sweep everything from the back to the front to keep your portable storage containers looking clean and neat
  • simple loading and unloading – easier to load than a moving truck, these ground-level residential storage units are a great way to load and move things on your terms
  • availability – get residential storage units in Boston or anywhere in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey or New York by calling Valtran at 1-800-813-2188 – we deliver, setup, move and pickup according to your schedule

Things to Consider Before Renting Residential Storage Units (Cons)
There are a few things that homeowners and renters must consider before they call to rent portable residential storage. While there are solutions to each of the issues presented here and some considerations may not be an issue for all locations, it is still important to consider them before renting residential storage units for your next move, renovation or home improvement project.

Some of the issues that homeowners should consider include:

  • local regulations – before having one of our portable storage containers delivered, ask our helpful customer service agents or contact local authorities to make sure that it is legal to park one of our residential storage units in front of your home or in your driveway; most municipalities allow this, but due to space constraints, some may have limitations on public placement in front of the home
  • level site required – one of the requirements for delivery and setup of your portable residential storage is to have a level site available; concrete, asphalt and compacted, level dirt will usually work, providing our delivery truck has access to the area for drop-off and setup; speak with one of our agents to determine whether you have space for delivery
  • container type – choose from a “classic” rectangular long storage between 10 and 40 feet in length or a “high cube” container style with a higher ceiling that gives you more stacking room and comes in lengths of 20 and 40 feet; speak with an agent to determine how much space you will need for your project or move
  • cost – one of the advantages of using Valtran is a counter to the disadvantages seen with other providers; no long-term rentals or leases are required, just let us know when you need the residential storage units delivered and call us when you are ready for us to pick them back up again – no contracts, minimum rental periods or other costly requirements

Where to Get Boston Temporary Storage Units
The best place to get residential storage units in the City of Boston is through Valtran. With several locations throughout the New England area, and a delivery and service range that encompasses the entire northeastern region, Valtran can help you get the portable storage containers you want, delivered when and where you want at a price that you can afford. Call us today for a FREE estimate or to find out more about using portable residential storage in your neighborhood or area. Contractors or homeowners who want to purchase new or used residential storage units should also give us a call to find out about our current inventory available for sale. Call Valtran today at 1-800-813-2188.