Protect Your Job Site With Temp Fence in New Bedford

temp-fence-new-bedfordWhat is the one thing that raises your costs, lowers your profits, affects employee morale and makes you less competitive within the local construction industry? Theft has the ability to do all of that and more. It is hard to be successful when all of your investments are at risk – from tools to materials, equipment to appliances and much more. Protecting your investments can help to avoid all of those negative issues in one fell swoop. The best way to protect your job site is through the use of construction fence and proper security procedures.

Step One: Make a Security Plan

The best way to protect your job site is to make a viable security plan. Portable fence should always be a part of your security procedures, whether you are protecting equipment, materials or your on-site office trailer from vandalism, theft and damage. Start by evaluating the job site to see how much temporary construction fence you will need, what type and where it will be located. If you aren’t sure how to determine the amount that is required, contact Valtran to get a free quote on temp fence in New Bedford.

  • Local Law Enforcement – Speak with local police departments or sheriff’s departments about checking in on your job site as they make their rounds. In most cases, law enforcement is happy to know about local work being done, who is in charge and who they can contact if there are any issues with the project.
  • Security Services – Consider hiring a security company to either stay on-site 24/7 if you believe the risk is that high or just hire a drive-by service that will come by several times overnight while your crew is off-site. You can even hire employees to work overnight, taking turns working job site security. Make sure that they know how to work with local law enforcement and report to management about any issues.
  • Security Policy – Make sure to have a defined security policy in place for each and every job that you work. Lay out everything from the portable fence that you will use to the security staff that will be hired, procedures for locking up tools and equipment, safeguards for material deliveries and authorized access for the on-site office and container storage.

Step Two: Discouraging Trespassers is Half the Battle

If keeping unauthorized people off of your job site is a problem because you are working in a populated area with a lot of foot traffic or even in a rural area where there are lots of curious minors checking out the project, discouraging them from entering the perimeter can really make a difference. Finding ways to keep people from coming on site will help to protect your equipment, materials and tools from vandalism, damage and theft.

  • Put It Away – There is no reason to keep all of your tools, equipment and expensive materials just lying about where they will become tempting to people passing by your job site. Whenever possible, lock up tools inside the office trailer where they can’t be seen. Lock up materials, especially things like copper pipe and tubing, appliances and expensive items, inside of a portable construction storage container. Lock up large equipment that might be tempting to joy riders or thieves.
  • Contain It – Temporary construction fence should be used on every job site. It can be used in a couple of different ways. Some crews prefer to use a couple of layers of construction fence to protect their equipment, tools and the project itself from vandals and thieves. Portable fence is easy to use, simple to install and a very cost-effective deterrent against trespassers.
  • Signage – Believe it or not, studies show that just by adding signs that say “No Trespassing”, you can discourage unauthorized persons from entering your property. In addition, such signs also protect you from any liability that could be related to injuries caused by someone illegally entering your property and getting hurt on the job site. Other signs you might want to consider would be “Danger,” “Authorized Staff Only” and even a harsher, “Thieves Will Be Prosecuted!”

Step Three: Consider Extra Security Measures

In addition to using temp fence in New Bedford to protect your job site, consider adding extra security measures to prevent access and discourage theft. The more you can do to make your job site less appealing to trespassers and thieves, the less likely you are to become a victim of foul play.

  • Lighting – Add extra lighting to your job site at night so that security staff, workers and the police who pass by can easily see what is going on when it’s dark outside.
  • Video – Consider adding motion-activated cameras or monitored video cameras via a security company so you can monitor what is going on after hours and see if someone entered the property without permission.
  • Alarms – Adding alarms to your project site will help you know when people have entered restricted areas. These can be in-use during both the day and after hours. Talk with local law enforcement about routing alarms direct to the police station.
  • Parking – Make sure employees park outside the fence. If possible, use portable fence to create a special parking area for your crew. This will help to protect their vehicles and belongings, while eliminating the opportunity for employees to steal things and hide them in their vehicles.

Where to Get Temp Fence in New Bedford

If you are interested in getting temporary construction fence for your next project, contact Valtran. With over a decade of experience serving clients within the Southeastern Massachusetts region, Valtran is the number one supplier of temp fence in New Bedford. Call us today to find out more about our portable fence offerings or to get a free quote. Valtran also has a line up of professional-quality container storage units and portable office trailers available for construction, commercial and residential clients throughout the northeastern states, including Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York.