Real Estate: Decorating Portable Office Rentals in Wareham

real-estate-warehamWhen it comes to running a successful real estate sales office, it is important to set things up and decorate in a way that will make your prospective customers feel comfortable, putting them at ease so they will be ready to make a deal. This is also true with sales offices that are also mobile office trailers. It doesn’t matter if your set-up is temporary, it is just as important to create a professional first impression and make that portable office your own. When it comes to real estate you need to always remember that every thing you do should relate to marketing in some way, shape or form.

Step One – Local Appeal
You aren’t just selling a home – you’re selling a lifestyle. It is important to decorate your portable office rentals in Wareham with photos of some of the local scenery. Spend a day out taking pictures of local landmarks, starting with an early morning sunrise and maybe some pictures out by the bay – get all the local hot spots that would appeal to both people from the general area and prospective buyers looking to move to the area.

Don’t just pin them up on the wall somewhere – get them framed. Have your photos printed in a number of different sizes and even consider getting the really good ones made into canvas prints. It doesn’t matter if you rent a portable office or if you purchase and customize mobile offices for sale, paying homage to the sights and scenery of Southeastern Massachusetts will really help to show your pride in the local area.

Step Two – Local Map
Another great idea for selling your location to prospective buyers is to purchase a very large map of the local area. Mount the map on top of a piece of cork board so you can easily use pushpins as part of your illustration. Hang the map on the wall of your mobile office trailers in a space that you can easily get to and direct customers to take a look at in your office.

Using colorful pushpins, go ahead and mark all of the locations that your real estate sales office has properties available. Colors can be used to denote new construction, historic properties, new listings or other categories of interest. Mark a larger red flag or pin to show the location of your portable office rentals in Wareham so your visitors can get an idea of where things are located in the area.

Step Three – Focus on Comfort
The next step is to make your prospective buyers as comfortable as possible. You might think this would be difficult when you rent portable office space for use on-location, but it really isn’t. Provide comfortable seating, such as couches or individual occasional chairs, along with throw pillows, a matching rug and other aesthetics to set the tone.

Depending on the season, provide your guests with refreshments when they visit your mobile office trailers. Coffee and donuts are great in the fall and winter months, while lemonade or iced tea, along with cookies or fresh fruit, can be very appealing in the spring and summer. Include fragrances in the form of candles or oils that will also set the tone. Remember to make your space inviting and comfortable according to each and every sense: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.

Step Four – Use of Color
Color sends a strong subliminal message to your prospective buyers and helps set the tone for the shopping and purchasing experience. Make sure to include silk floral arrangements, business card holders and decor on the desk of each agent. You can pick a theme that matches your company’s color scheme, a theme that matches the development that you are selling or something that coordinates with the current season. Another approach is to choose bold colors that are associated with decision-making, such as bold reds, bright yellows, cool greens and brilliant blues.

Coordinate everything on the desks in your chosen color pattern. If you don’t want to use floral arrangements on the desks of your male agents, consider using the same color theme and apply it to different elements. Choose from antiques to miniature models of masculine items, such as sports equipment and memorabilia, fishing tackle and equipment or anything else that you think would coordinate and appeal to the local area. Mobile offices for sale that are used near the bay might choose a marine theme in blues and grays, while a property near a woodsy area might choose a more rustic theme in greens and browns. Again, the color choice and theme is all relative to where and what you are selling – and to whom.

Where to Get Portable Office Rentals in Wareham
If you are in need of mobile office trailers for rent near Wareham or anywhere else in the New England region, contact Valtran. With over 10 years of experience serving clients in the North East, Valtran has a wide range of mobile offices for sale and for rent that would be perfect for use as an on-site sales office or semi-permanent location for real estate brokers.

Each of our portable office rentals in Wareham can be customized and decorated to create the type of sales atmosphere that you require in order to close the deal. Speak with one of our highly-trained and experienced customer service representatives to find out more about Valtran’s mobile office trailers, temporary storage containers and temporary fencing rentals.