Rent a Fence in Providence for Better Commercial Security

commercial-security-providence2When it comes to running a business one of the most important areas that you need to pay attention to is security. Whether you sell merchandise on site or you run a computer-based customer service organization, security should always be a key part of any business plan. Security is key to ensuring the success of your business. While some businesses will need a higher level of security than others, it must be considered even in a family-run organization.

This article will provide you with 24 different tips that you can use and apply to your business plan for better security. We will also highlight the advantages of choosing quality commercial fencing to safeguard your property, merchandise, employees and customers. If you don’t have access to portable fencing you can rent a fence in Providence from Valtran.

General Tips for Security Your Business

  1. Key Control – Limit the number of employees that will have access to keys for your business and consider installing an access control system if you need to monitor who comes in and when.
  2. Deliveries – Make sure to communicate with all of your employees about rules regarding deliveries and shipments so they can be aware if something doesn’t seem right.
  3. Teamwork – Encourage your employees to work together to adhere to security procedures and be vigilant about sticking to policies to prevent loss or other issues.
  4. Belongings – Create a place for employees to keep their personal items when they come to work, such as a locked filing cabinet, desk, locker or separate area.
  5. Work Area – Define a specific work area that non-employees are not allowed to enter and make sure everyone knows the rules and that you instruct staff to alert management or security if someone enters the restricted area. Consider adding commercial fencing to your store room, warehouse or other large areas where equipment or secure items are stored for further protection.
  6. ID/Badges – If your company uses ID or badges for access each day, make sure to define clear procedures and rules about how they should be worn or used.
  7. Locked Doors – Make sure that your employees know your rules about locked doors, which doors should remain locked during the day and which doors must be locked after hours. Add deadbolt locks to security doors and outside entrances if you don’t already have them installed. Rental fencing can be added for an extra layer of protection.
  8. Security Staff – Even if you do not hire a separate security company or security guard to protect your establishment, assign trusted employees to work in a security capacity, giving them specific duties that will help keep your business secure.
  9. Bank Deposits – These should be done during business hours and not on a predictable schedule. Make sure to instruct employees charged with this duty to take a different route and to leave at different times each day to avoid theft.
  10. Employee Safety – Make sure that employees establish a buddy system for walking out to the parking lot after hours or ask security to escort each employee every day. During office hours, if an employee is threatened by a thief, instruct them to cooperate. Cash and merchandise can be replaced – your trusted staff cannot.
  11. Windows – Ensure that all of your windows are made of burglar-resistant glass and that they have secure locks. Metal grating can be installed on all back windows for extra protection.
  12. Visual – Make sure that it is easy to look into your business after hours. This will help drive by security service, as well as local law enforcement, to keep an eye on what’s happening inside your store when you aren’t there. Keep valuable merchandise away from windows and doors to reduce temptation.
  13. Lighting – Add extra lighting inside and outside of your business for added security. Remember to put lights near doors, windows and all other entries. If tampering with lighting occurs in your area, consider installing covers or rent a fence in Providence and place lights behind them where possible.
  14. Lost Keys – If any keys are not returned by former employees or if keys become lost, make sure to change the locks right away. Never put a tag on your keys that identifies your business to prevent someone from finding them and breaking in after hours.
  15. Entry Announcements – Consider installing a bell or an electronic announcer on all of your entrances to make you and your employees aware that someone has entered the office or store.
  16. Inventory – Make sure that your inventory is accurate and up to date. If anything gets stolen from your business you will need to provide copies to law enforcement and your insurance company in order to receive compensation. Include identification numbers or serial numbers whenever possible.
  17. Identity Theft – This is even more important in the business world than it is for your own personal finances. Think about what you throw away before you toss it and shred any documents, notes or messages that might contain sensitive information.
  18. Computer Safety – Consider what is on your work computer before you decide to take it or a connected tab, notepad or other device outside of the office for any reason. Be wary about working on sensitive projects in public places, such as coffee shops, airplanes, gyms or restaurants where hacking into personal data is prevalent.
  19. Landscaping – Check the outside of your building and make sure that landscaping does not provide a hiding place for burglars or other criminals who might want to steal property or attack your employees when they enter or leave the office.
  20. Parking Lot – Make sure that the parking where your employees is well lit and secured. If the parking area is just for your employees, consider adding portable fencing to create a perimeter for added security. This will prevent someone from rushing up on your staff as they head to their cars.
  21. Employee Theft – Create layers of security that will protect your equipment, tools and merchandise from new employees that don’t need access to them.
  22. Video Security – Adding video security to your office can help to prevent employee theft and can also be a valuable tool if your business was to get robbed.
  23. Keep It Clean – Put away any objects, such as ladders, that could aid a burglar that is trying to get into your building via an upper window. Lock fire escapes after hours to prevent access to upper floors.
  24. Common Sense – Stay alert, stay aware, use common sense and rely on good judgement in everything you do. In most cases when robbery or theft occurs, business owners and managers will often talk about things they missed, but might not have, if they’d only paid closer attention.

How Commercial Fencing Makes a Difference
There are a lot of different types of portable fencing that can be employed by business owners to improve security. Rental fence companies, such as Valtran, provide quality commercial fencing that can be used to secure parking lots, merchandise areas within warehouses, property entry areas, loading dock areas, employee work areas and much more. When it comes to portable fencing for commercial use, privacy fencing is not typically recommended as it can just as easily work as “cover” for burglars or vandals once they enter your property.

Get quality rent a fence in Providence for your business from Valtran. With over ten years of serving commercial clients in the northeastern states, Valtran has a wide variety of temporary rental fence or permanent commercial fencing solutions that can help you boost the security for your business. Valtran also provides portable fencing to businesses outside of Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Call today for a free quote or to find out more about our rental fence options.