Rent a Storage Container in Wareham and Make It Your Own

rent-containers-warehamEven if you are just renting residential storage containers on a temporary basis, there are things you can do to make storing your belongings in an on site storage much easier and more organized to boot! When you rent a storage container in Wareham and have it delivered for use at your home, apartment or condominium, there are some temporary items that you can add to make it easier to find the things you are looking for when you need them and also to maximize the storage ability of the mobile containers themselves.

More Than Just a Box
If you think about it, most residential storage containers just look like a big old metal box. Sure, that makes it easy to stack up boxes, load up furniture and place other important things inside, just as you would a moving truck. But if you are going to use your storage container to provide you with on site storage that is staying put, you can afford to make it something even better.

This can be extremely helpful for homeowners or renters that have to move their belongings out of the structure during major repairs, renovations or remodeling efforts. Whether the work that is being done is simply cosmetic or if it is due to a natural disaster, such as a major ice storm, hurricane or wind damage, you want to make sure that your furniture and other belongings are protected while the work is being done.

In this type of scenario, having access to your things while the work is being done, such as being able to get a coat or some important papers out as-needed in the middle of the project, will be extremely important. Some of the site storage ideas that we will share with you will help you make the most out of using mobile containers for your belongings and help you find the things you need and unload them again even easier when the time comes.

Add Shelving to Residential Storage Containers
One of the best ways to maximize storage and boost organization opportunities is to add some shelving to your site storage. When you rent a storage container in Wareham, make sure to ask about any accessories that might be able to be added with the rental. However, if shelving is not available in the residential storage containers at your local dealer, you can always bring in and set up your own.

Metal shelving units – usually under a hundred bucks at home improvement stores – can be used to help improve your use of mobile containers. Just line them up against the walls and start loading them with boxes and any loose items that are too big for boxes. You can put specific items from each room of your house on each shelving unit, placing the larger boxes and furniture from those rooms nearby for easy sorting and you can also provide a shelf for each member of your family so they can easily find their things, if needed.

How to Add Lighting to Mobile Containers
Another helpful addition would be to add lighting to your residential storage containers so you can look through and unload your items without having to bring in a flashlight. There are a couple of different ways that this can be accomplished, however check with your site storage dealer to find out if they have any lighting options available that could be included in when you rent a storage container in Wareham or the surrounding area.

Lithium-ion Powered Lantern – Portable, easy to use and very affordable through big box stores and sporting/camping gear stores near you. A lithium-ion powered lantern is a great thing to have on-hand for searching through site storage or for emergency situations. They give off a great deal of light and can be carried with you throughout the mobile containers as you look for your belongings.

Adhesive Battery-Powered Lights – You have probably seen these on television, but they are now available everywhere, including big box stores and home improvement centers. Easy to use, you just stick these lights up on the wall throughout your residential storage containers to improve visibility and light quickly and easily without having to make any permanent changes to the site storage. Choose from a basic model that you simply touch to turn on or a motion detection option that will come on when you enter your mobile containers.

Electric Work Lights – You can always string up an extension cord from your home or property and have it run all the way inside your residential storage containers. Just hang a hook work light or another type of portable light that runs off of electricity inside the site storage. Just make sure that you unplug the extension cord when you are done using the light to avoid problems or accidents that might occur.

Extra Locks/Security
The great thing about using mobile containers to store your belongings on-site at your property is that you have total control over who gets in, who gets out and the security surrounding your belongings. Depending on where you live, you might want to add a couple of extra elements to ensure that your site storage is properly protected.

You can use your own lock to ensure that your mobile containers can only be accessed by you. Using a key lock instead of a combination lock will make sure that you are the only one who can get inside the storage container. Adding security lighting around the perimeter of your residential storage containers can help you easily see if someone is hiding or sneaking around your storage unit at night.

Keeping the site storage close to your home – or in a space that makes it easy to see from your windows or front door – is also recommended. You can even add motion detection lighting or a silent alarm that will sound inside your home so the intruder doesn’t know that you have been alerted. However, the type and level of added security that you use with your storage container will depend on where you live and any concerns you might have about protecting your belongings from theft or vandalism.

Where to Rent a Storage Container in Wareham
If you need to rent residential storage containers in the Wareham area, contact Valtran for all of your site storage needs. Valtran has served the needs of residential, commercial and construction clients throughout the northeastern region for over ten years. So whether you live in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey or New York, Valtran can get you the mobile containers for storage that you require. Call Valtran today for a FREE quote or to request delivery of on site storage to your location today!