School Campus Construction: Where to Use Job Site Fencing

school-campus-constructionWith school attendance growing in various districts within the State of Massachusetts by leaps and bounds, some schools have no choice but to go forward with construction projects to create new classrooms and expand on space for students. While it would be ideal to get this work done over the summer vacation, it is not always practical. As a result, many schools are forced to have construction work done while school is in session, creating what could easily become a safety nightmare.

For construction companies that bid on jobs to do construction work at educational campuses, one of the most important parts of your bid should include construction fence rental. In a case like this, including in any extra costs that will be used for job fencing in Fall River or anywhere else in the state that needs to expand its school, should be accepted and understood by the committee in charge of accepting bids. The safety and security of their students during the construction project should be mutually understood and appreciated.

What is Construction Fence Rental?
The difference between the type of fencing for construction and the type of fencing for commercial, events and residential purposes becomes clear when you see the quality, durability and strength of the materials used to create these Massachusetts fence rental options. Construction fence rental is designed to keep out vandals, thieves and others who might come into the project with the intention of causing damage or doing harm. This type of fencing is also used for security around government, city and other important job sites that require a higher level of security.

So even if the project that you are doing on campus is small or relatively hazard-free, you will still want to use the higher quality fencing for construction to protect the area from student or other unauthorized access. Don’t be afraid to let the school officials know the reason why you are choosing to use this higher quality of job site fencing in Fall River as opposed to a cheaper, lower-quality type of fence that your competitors might be planning on using. They will likely recognize this attention to safety and detail within the school campus as being a sign of your professionalism and experience.

Situations Where Construction Fence Rental is Used on Campus
A school that has scheduled a remodel, renovation or expansion of the campus during the school year will already likely be taking all of the necessary precautions to protect their students, faculty, janitorial staff and administrators by preventing access to the project area. This can be done through the use of Massachusetts fence rental services, such as Valtran, which provide quick delivery and set up of temporary fencing for construction to the job site, installing the fencing according to your specifications. Every area where construction of any kind is occurring should include certain safety procedures, including the use of construction fence rental. If the area is not properly marked and blocked off, children may wander inside and get injured or cause damage to the property.

Construction zones should never be left open for any reason. Even if your crew is heading out for lunch, make sure that the entire area is closed up and locked up to access. This is why job site fencing in Fall River is so important for school projects. It must be used at all times during the day, over night and on weekends or holidays to prevent injuries or accidents from occurring even when school is not in session. Speak with the school about security services for the project job site. Campus security may be able to include a check of the area with their normal routine to prevent children from gaining access to the site. If not, a temporary security service may be hired to provide additional protection as long as the school approves.

Why Fencing for Construction Helps
There are a number of different reasons why job site fencing is a huge asset, particularly on school campus projects. First, it acts as a deterrent, preventing many students from wanting to “cross the line” and enter into the perimeter of the construction fence rental. Second, it protects you from liability that could come from not properly securing the perimeter and students becoming injured as a result of your equipment or the work that you are doing. Third, fencing for construction also helps to prevent dangerous situations from occurring.

Another thing that can be prevented by proper use of Massachusetts fence rental is vandalism. Teenagers and other underage kids are more likely to do vandalism than adults, making your school campus project site ripe for spray paint and other destructive abuse. Construction fence rental panels can help to keep kids out of your job site, allowing security personnel to have more visual control over the area. Extra lighting, motion sensing lights and/or alarms, as well as other safety and security measures should be considered.

Where to Get Job Site fencing in Fall River
Valtran is the leading provider of fencing for construction in the entire South Coast region. We also provide delivery and set up services to customers throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Not sure what type of fencing would work best for a school construction project? Give our team of experienced customer service agents a call and ask about the different types of fencing available that can be used for your school renovation project.