Seasonal Storage Solution: Using Mobile Containers in Boston

seasonal-storage-solutionThere’s one thing that the City of Boston does better than all other major cities in America, and that’s patriotic all-American holidays. From Patriot’s Day in April, Memorial Day in May and Independence Day in July, as well as many other seasonal holidays, Boston goes all out. It’s not just the city that celebrates and wraps itself in seasonal decor, but the businesses and organizations that call Boston “home” go all out as well. From retail businesses to restaurants, non-profit organizations to community programs, the City of Boston is decked in more red-white-and-blue than most people get to see in a lifetime.

That being said, Boston is also excellent at celebrating other holidays as well. From the Tree Lighting ceremony in Boston Common and the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade to world-famous seasonal entertainment, such as the Boston Ballet’s “The Nutcracker”, the Annual Lighting of the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown and Santa “Fun Runs” for charity – the list goes on and on. From small “mom and pop” stores to large, commercial corporations, everyone in Boston, it seems, goes all out to celebrate the holidays of the season.

Where Does It All Go?
That is the million dollar question: “Where do all the decorations go when they are not in use?” The answer typically is some back storage room, stock area, attic above the store, basement below the store or in the manager’s office. Either way, these decorations, some of which these businesses are known for putting out year after year, are not being properly cared for in a way that would help them stay in great shape during the “off” season. This is why many businesses are turning to mobile containers in Boston to store their holiday decorations and other surplus items, keeping valuable stock room, showroom and office space cleared for actually doing business.

In the City of Boston, business storage containers are used by retail stores, restaurants, corporate offices, non-profit organizations, community programs, coffee shops, bars and pubs – pretty much any type of establishment you could imagine. Commercial storage containers make it possible for these items to be put away for a seasonal period and then taken out when they are needed, protecting them from dust, dirt and damage in the process. You have likely seen container storage units sitting behind or on the side of businesses in big cities like Boston. They are usually used to hold seasonal items, surplus inventory or other things that are needed, but not in-use year-round.

Beyond the Decorations
While there’s likely a lot of red-white-and-blue, holiday garland and plastic green clovers in storage throughout the City of Boston as we speak, there are also a lot of other seasonal items being stored by businesses. Boston business storage containers are also used to protect and store seasonal items, such as tables and chairs, umbrellas and outdoor lighting that are used during the spring, summer and early fall season for restaurants, cafes and coffee shops that take advantage of outdoor patio seating in good weather. These items must be put away and stored during the winter season to protect them from the snow and ice.

Mobile containers in Boston can be used to hold winter holiday decorations, which can be quickly and easily swapped out with patio seating items to maximize the use of space. This helps businesses to be able to get all of those pumpkins, gigantic turkeys, over-sized Christmas trees and New Year’s decorations out of the stockroom area during the spring through early fall season, yet have access to them when they need them in their very own container storage unit on-site without having to drive across town to a self-storage facility.

Seasonal Inventory
Another advantage of using commercial storage containers on-site is the ability to use them for stock overflow. If decorations aren’t your thing, there is also merchandise to consider. Certain times of year, such as the winter holidays and summer tourist season, additional stock and supplies are required. In order to meet the demands of your customers, it pays to have more merchandise on-hand than usual. Container storage can help you keep up on your supplies without flooding your store, stockroom and offices with overstock items.

Another time of year that you might need to swap out stock items is during the change of seasons. When you move from warm winter coats and boots to bathing suits and flip-flops, you will need a place to store your out-of-season stock. Boston business storage containers can also be used to store and protect new stock that comes in prior to the launch of a new seasonal collection so you can be ready to make the switch when the time comes. Keeping these items on-site can be extremely beneficial, especially if a cold snap hits and you have customers coming in for warm jackets when you are pushing beach wear in the store window.

Where to Get Mobile Containers in Boston
If you are interested in learning more about how to use commercial storage containers to your advantage in the City of Boston or anywhere else in the New England region, give Valtran a call. With over a decade of experience serving commercial, industrial and residential customers in the Greater Boston area and beyond, Valtran has a wide variety of container storage unit sizes, types and styles available for rent, lease or purchase.

Contact our friendly and helpful customer service agents for help choosing the best mobile containers in Boston for your business. We deliver the container storage units directly to your location and set them up according to your specifications. When you are finished using the storage unit, we will pick it up and haul it away. At Valtran, we make it easy to use commercial storage containers for your business.