Secure Your Construction Project: Rent a Fence in Boston, MA

secure-construction-projectOne of the most important things that you can do to help protect and secure your construction project job site is to use construction fencing to create a perimeter. Whether your project is large or small, expensive or inexpensive, it pays to use a reliable and durable rent a fence in Boston to ensure that unauthorized persons do not enter your job site and become injured. Using a fence rental to define your job site can also work to protect the health and safety of your crew and protect materials, tools and equipment from being stolen, vandalized or damaged. Also, depending on the location of the construction project itself, you may be required by state law to install a temp fence on the job site.

What is Construction Fencing?
The type of fence rental that is used to secure a construction job site isn’t that much different than other types of security rent a fence in Boston that is used for basic security, event security and commercial business security. The height of the fencing and the manner in which it is installed may be dictated by state law or local ordinances, so make sure to check with the authorities in advance to ensure that you get the right type of construction fencing for the job.

Some companies will use multiple types and styles of fence rental on a single project. A larger, state mandated height of temp fence for the perimeter of the project to keep out unauthorized person is used, while a smaller, barricade-style construction fencing can be used to corral expensive equipment after hours or to provide added security to a temporary office trailer or construction storage unit.

Whatever your needs, requirements or reasoning behind the fence rental that you need, Valtran can deliver, set up and install it according to your specifications. Our team of experienced professional installers will guide you through the process from beginning to end and the work that we provide will stand up to federal, state and local regulations. If you aren’t sure what type of fencing or how much construction fencing you will need, our customer service agents can help you and will even provide a FREE estimate for you to consider.

Advantages of Using a Fence Rental Service
One of the biggest benefits associated with using a construction fencing rental company like Valtran is that your crew isn’t required to spend hours loading, unloading, delivering and installing the fence needed for your job site. Valtran takes care of all the heavy lifting, loading and installing for you and we will even install it according to your specifications. When your project is complete, our crew will come out and remove the construction fencing from the job site and take it back to our warehouse. Using a temp fence company is the easiest way to stay in compliance with the law, while allowing your employees to stay focused on the project at hand and not become distracted with installing construction fencing.

Another major benefit is the obvious safety that temp fence provides on the job site. Keeping unauthorized persons off the premises during the day, after hours and over the weekend, while allowing your crew, vendors and subcontractors authorized access can help to reduce risk, liability and other potential hazards. Security is another major plus, helping you to protect your materials, tools, equipment and the project itself from vandalism, theft and damage. Any efforts you can make to discourage unauthorized persons from entering the premises will help to reduce damage and accidents on the job site. Using signs that state “No Trespassing” or “Authorized Personnel Only” can also be an effective deterrent.

How to Use Temp Fence for Your Project
If you are in need of perimeter or construction fencing for your project to protect the job site, prevent unauthorized access and to provide safety and security measures for your workers, it is important to order your fence rental before your project even gets started. Contact Valtran in advance to schedule delivery and set up of rent a fence in Boston or at any of the other locations that we service, including the entire state of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Fencing can be installed according to legal requirements or according to your needs for inner or secondary fencing, such as in-ground installed, above-ground installed or post installed via temp fence solutions.

For temp fence situations, no digging or drilling will need to be done to install it properly, making it easy to move and relocate as needed throughout the duration of the project. This is an excellent solution for job sites that are on properties that include concrete sidewalks, driveways, parking lots or other permanent structures that cannot be damaged or removed for the benefit of the construction project. Fence rental comes in many shapes, sizes and styles, so even if you aren’t sure what you need when you call to place an order with Valtran, it is important to express how and where it will be used. Our friendly and experienced customer service agents will help you decide what type will be best for your particular situation.

Where to Get Construction Fencing in Boston
Contract Valtran for all of your fence rental needs. We can provide prompt delivery and set-up services to your job site in Boston, Massachusetts or anywhere else within the state and the entire northeastern region. Fence rental materials can be installed on virtually any surface and can also be used to provide temporary parking, barricades for police, fire and rescue, maintenance areas or anything else that you require to help your project run smoothly. Give us a call today and get a FREE estimate on all of our temporary construction fencing materials.