Security Fencing & Barricade Fence for Events in Boston, MA

special-events-bostonThe City of Boston, Massachusetts is well-known for its annual events and festivals all over the world. If you are hosting an event in the city or anywhere else in the New England area, there are a lot of things that you will need to do in order to guarantee a successful event. While most of the focus is generally on the event itself, the entertainment, food or activity, many event planners tend to overlook or minimize the importance of the other areas of planning, including establishing safety measures and security fencing. Fortunately, event planners can get a top-quality, regulation-approved Boston rent a fence for their event delivered, installed and then removed to help simplify the process.

What is Security Fencing?
Depending on the type of event you are hosting, whether it is a concert, charity event, parade or festival, there are different types of fence for events that can be rented. Barricade fence is most often used for crowd control or to keep cars and pedestrians separated from each other, with the primary purpose being the safety of attendees and those putting on the event. Other types of security fencing can be used to set up a perimeter around the event to prevent unauthorized access, to establish a separate VIP area for your entertainment or celebrities in attendance, or to ensure that the general public does not enter an area where they could get hurt by equipment, tools or other on-site materials.

Where is Security Fencing Used?
When you get a Boston rent a fence delivery and set up through a company like Valtran, your security fencing can be set up anywhere you need it to be set up. For example, a summer concert in the park can have fence for events set up around the perimeter or to create a separate area for access to attendees. A street festival may require barricade fence to keep vehicles from entering the area where food and product vendors are set up during the celebration. Parades and other seasonal or political celebrations and events will often require multiple types of fence for events, including both security and barricade fencing to protect participants.

Examples of situations where security fencing is advantageous include:

  • concerts and entertainment events
  • festivals, carnivals and fairs
  • sporting events
  • charity events
  • seasonal or holiday events
  • parties, weddings and other private events
  • special sales and other commercial events

Why Temporary Fence for Events?
The reason why temporary security fencing is used for commercial business promotions and special events like the ones listed above is because in most of these situations, permanent or even semi-permanent fencing cannot be installed. Temp fence for events is used when post holes cannot be dug in asphalt, concrete or in a public park area where alterations are not approved. Using a Boston rent a fence company that provides temporary security fencing is the best solution for most event planners because it provides the safety, security and crowd control benefits that are needed, without requiring them to get special permission or invest a lot of money into installing and uninstalling fencing materials.

Advantages to using temporary fence for events include:

  • easy delivery, set up and removal by the fencing vendor
  • options available for barricade fence, security fencing and other types of fence
  • affordable, cost-effective solution with minimal investment required
  • outdoor or indoor installations available
  • great fencing solution for many different types of events and situations

How Can I Get Security Fencing for My Event?
The best way to get the fence for events that you need is to contact Valtran, a professional provider of temporary security fencing in the New England area. You can get a Boston rent a fence delivered to your event site and installed or set up according to your specifications. If you aren’t sure what type of fencing you will need, our team of experienced customer service agents can walk you through it and help you decide whether you need barricade fence or a heavy-duty security fencing for your event.

Once your event is over, just contact Valtran and our installers will come back and remove the fencing for you. There are no minimum rental or lease contracts required, just let us know when and where you need your security fencing installed and we will take care of the rest. We can even provide you with a FREE estimate for our Boston rent a fence services and have a delivery and installation service range that includes all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Call Valtran today at 1-800-813-2188 to find out more about our security fencing solutions or to schedule a delivery and set up date for your upcoming special event.